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Talking Shop: Ballarat in Business and City Life at Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

27 Jun 2019

Curated By

Amy Tsilemanis, Curator, Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

127169 items with images


127169 items with images

Image - St Joseph's Catholic Church, Mount Prospect, c1897

Ballarat Heritage Services, Bakery Hill Post Office

Black and white image of a bluestone church - St Joseph's, Blampied. .

Hand Grenade - British

Ballarat RSL Sub-Branch Inc., Invermay Park


Bendigo Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum, Bendigo

4 x black / white photos presumable taken by Bert HEWSTON during his war experience. .1) Group of Kaffir women & children. .2) Band playing onboard the ship Wandilla, conveying Bert to Europe. .3) Band playing on Avon River, Durrington. .4) 2 x uniformed soldiers.

Historical information

Bert HEWSTON, refer cat No 2759.2 for his service history. Part of the HEWSTON collection re WW1 & WW2.


Rutherglen Historical Society, Rutherglen

Small postcard size, sepia, unframed photograph, stapled to a piece of white paper. Subject is a school in Rutherglen Scotland with pupils assembled around a flagpole which is flying the Union Jack

Historical information

Donated by Mrs Jeanette Jasper, a member of the Rutherglen Historical Society, who has visited Rutherglen in Scotland

Inscriptions & Markings

On piece of paper: "The Union Jack flying from the flagpole at Spittal Public School, Rutherglen, Scotland. The school is assembled around the flagpole. 1911"

Photograph - Presbyterian Church & Manse, c.1930

Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum, Tatura

Historical information

Presbyterian Church & Manse, c.1930

Painting (Framed) - Oldstead Farmhouse by Doug Hall

Greensborough Historical Society, Lower Plenty

Links: 03003:03047:04914 Oil painting of a house, in timber frame.

Historical information

Oldstead Farmhouse, painted by Greensborough artist, the late Doug Hall. Oldstead Farm was in the area around the present Oldstead Road Greensborough.

Inscriptions & Markings

On back of painting "Oldstead Farm, Doug Hall"

Artwork - Architectural Drawings by Alice Watson

Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre), Mount Helen

Nine works were undertaken at the Ballarat Technical Art School by Edith Alice (Alice) Watson. Seven pencil sketches on paper. Two black ink drawings on paper .1 has sketches on both sides; .2 pen and ink table and chair design; .3 pencil sketch of a castle; .4 sketches on both sides - pen and ink doorway and on reverse pencil and water colour (partly coloured) wallpaper border design; .5 pencil sketch of a well and a church; .6 two pencil sketches of bridges; .7 three pencil sketches - two of partial rooves and one of a bridge drawn from a photo; .8 three pencil sketches - a window, a doorway and a thatched roof cottage; .9 pencil sketches on both sides - a village scene with gateway, church and cottages on one side and trees on the reverse.

Historical information

Alice Watson completed a course of work at the Ballarat Technical Art School, a division of the Ballarat School of Mines. Her complete folio is held by Federation University Australia.

Inscriptions & Markings

.3 lrs "A. Watson Pencil Sketch" .4 ink sketch tr "New Door" .5 lrs "Pencil Sketches A. Watson" .6 lrs "Pencil Sketches A. Watson" .7 rs" Pencil Sketch", under bridge drawing "Pencil Sketch from Photo", lrs "A. WATSON" .8 lrs "Pencil Sketches A. Watson .9 Village scene - lrs" A.Watson Pencil Sketch"

Scales, Gold, Apothecary, Analytical in Glass Case c1880

City of Moorabbin Historical Society (Operating the Box Cottage Museum), Ormond

A 2 pan analytical, scientific or pharmaceutical beam balance scale made in Gottingen Germany c 1880. These scales are encased in a mahogany framed glass cabinet and Graded 0 -9 9-0

Historical information

A pair of scales or dishes in which objects to be weighed and the weights / masses against which to weigh them are placed is an "Apparatus for weighing. The pan, or each of the pans, of a balance." Its parts include a fulcrum, a beam that balances on it, two pans at the ends of the beam to hold the materials to be weighed, and counter-balancing weights. Gottingen made fine precision scientific scales for use by assayers, jewellers, chemists, gold buyers rtc.

Inscriptions & Markings


Digital Photograph

Headquarters 3rd Division, A.I.F. Historical Society, Glen Iris

Colour digital photograph of 2017 ANZAC Day March, Melbourne. 3.5 MB JPEG file, unknown DPI

Historical information

Photograph of the ANZAC DAY March in Melbourne, Swanston Street, 25 April 2017. Taken before the step off of the Headquarters 3rd Division corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street outside Young and Jackson pub. Includes Tim McClure holding banner (son of William McClure, WWII), and World War II veterans visible in wheelchairs Ray Scales (left) and Alec McClure (right). Veterans are surrounded by family members.


A photograph of the 2017 ANZAC Day March, including World War II veterans marching. It represents and shows a tradition and an important cultural event.


Ringwood RSL Sub-Branch, Ringwood

Cloth flag Union Jack attached to wooden stick

Framed Colour Photograph - View of the city and highway from western suburbs 1985

Brimbank City Council, Sunshine

Framed Colour Photograph - View of the city and highway from western suburbs 1985

Photograph, Ambulance Officers, Ambulance Officers Training College

Ambulance Victoria Museum, Bayswater

Photocopy of group photograph. Three rows of staff.

Historical information

Ambulance Officer Training College class of 1976. Ambulance officer George Hood may appear in this photograph. George passed on a large donation of material to the museum relating to Reg McGinley.


National Wool Museum, Geelong

Quilt with feather stitching around green squares. Pattern of cricketers, lions and kangaroos on backing.

Historical information

Made pre 1900. Maker unknown. Given by a native of Daylesford to the Running Stitch Group.

Photograph - Lady giving a talk at Park Orchards Community Centre

Park Orchards Community House, Park Orchards

Unknown year

soldier posing with plane

Magnet Galleries Melbourne Inc, Melbourne


Mont De Lancey, Wandin North

Clear glass whisky decanter with ground glass stopper. Has Peter Dawson's Scotch painted on decanter. Specially manufactured to commemorate centenary of Company.

Historical information

From the late Miss E. M. Sebire


Ballarat Clarendon College, Ballarat

Box pleat, plaid skirt with fitted, adjustable, waist band, zip fastener; accompained by cream turtle neck jumper

Historical information

Uniform items worn by girl students at Ballarat & Clarendon College (Years 11-12) in the 1970's. To be accompanied with fawn tights and brown lace-up shoes. The uniform was more relaxed to denote to seniority of the students. Girls were able to choose a jumper the colour of any of the lighter tones of the tartan.

Inscriptions & Markings

Manufacturer's label sewn inside waistband: 'Flatcher Jones / 55% POLYESTER / 45% WOOL' Name tag sewn to manufacturer's label: REHFISCH

Wash on paper - 'Spring Lamb' by Michelle Zuccolo

Federation University Australia Art Collection ,

Historical information

Michelle ZUCCOLO Between 2004 and 2007 Michelle Zuccolo undertook a Master of Arts, (Visual Arts part-time by research) at the University of Ballarat (later Federation University Australia). This work was a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize. It is part of the Federation University Art Collection. The Art Collection features over 2000 works and was listed as a 'Ballarat Treasure' in 2007.

Horse Brass

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, Warrnambool

Heart shaped horse harness embellishment, brass, 2¼" x 1¼". Has encrustation and verdigris. Heart is cracked around the outside. Recovered from the wreck of the Schomberg.

Historical information

When the ship Schomberg was launched in 1855, she was considered the most perfect clipper ship ever to be built. James Blaine’s Black Ball Line had commissioned her to be built for their fleet of passenger liners. At a cost of £43,103, the Aberdeen builders designed her to sail faster than the quick clippers designed by North American Donald McKay. She was a three masted wooden clipper ship, built with diagonal planking of British oat with layers of Scottish larch. This luxury vessel was designed to transport emigrants to Melbourne in superior comfort. She had ventilation ducts to provide air to the lower decks and a dining saloon, smoking room, library and bathrooms for the first class passengers. At the launch of Schomberg’s maiden voyage, her master Captain ‘Bully’ Forbes, drunkenly predicted that he would make the journey between Liverpool and Melbourne in 60 days. Schomberg departed Liverpool on 6 October 1855 with 430 passengers and 3000 tons cargo including iron rails and equipment intended the build the Geelong Railway and a bridge over the Yarra from Melbourne to Hawthorn. The winds were poor as Schomberg sailed across the equator, slowing her journey considerably. She was 78 days out of Liverpool when she ran aground on a sand-spit near Peterborough, Victoria, on 27 December; the sand spit and the currents were not marked on Forbes’s map. Overnight, the crew launched a lifeboat to find a safe place to land the ship’s passengers. The scouting party returned to Schomberg and advised Forbes that it was best to wait until morning because the rough seas could easily overturn the small lifeboats. The ship’s Chief Officer spotted SS Queen at dawn and signalled the steamer. The master of the SS Queen approached the stranded vessel and all of Schomberg’s passengers were able to disembark safely. The Black Ball Line’s Melbourne agent sent a steamer to retrieve the passengers’ baggage from the Schomberg. Other steamers helped unload her cargo until the weather changed and prevented the salvage teams from accessing the ship. Local merchants Manifold & Bostock bought the wreck and cargo, but did not attempt to salvage the cargo still on board the ship. They eventually sold it on to a Melbourne businessman and two seafarers. After two of the men drowned when they tried to reach Schomberg, salvage efforts were abandoned.32 In 1975, divers from Flagstaff Hill, including Peter Ronald, found an ornate communion set at the wreck. The set comprised a jug, two chalices, a plate and a lid. The lid did not fit any of the other objects and in 1978 a piece of the lid broke off, revealing a glint of gold. As museum staff carefully examined the lid and removed marine growth, they found a diamond ring, which is currently on display in the Great Circle Gallery.33 Flagstaff Hill also holds ship fittings and equipment, personal effects, a lithograph, tickets and photograph from the Schomberg. Most of the artefacts were salvaged from the wreck by Peter Ronald, former director of Flagstaff Hill.


The Schomberg, which is on the Victorian Heritage Register (VHR S612), has great historical significance as a rare example of a large, fast clipper ship on the England to Australia run, carrying emigrants at the time of the Victorian gold rush. She represents the technical advances made to break sailing records between Europe and Australia. Flagstaff Hill’s collection of artefacts from the Schomberg is significant for its association with the shipwreck. The collection is primarily significant because of the relationship between the objects, as together they have a high potential to interpret the story of the Schomberg. It is archaeologically significant as the remains of an international passenger Ship. It is historically significant for representing aspects of Victoria’s shipping history and for its association with the shipwreck and the ship, which was designed to be fastest and most luxurious of its day

School Photograph - Digital Image - Watsonia Primary School Wa4838 1972 Grade 2B

Greensborough Historical Society, Lower Plenty

Black and white photograph of school class

Historical information

Class photograph from Watsonia Primary School, 1972 Grade 2B

Flyer - Leslie Howard in Recital (recital) solo piano recital program included works from Liszt, Beethoven and Schubert, performed at Athenaeum Theatre on August 28 1994

Melbourne Athenaeum Archives, Melbourne

coloured flyer

Book - Account of works M Black

Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc., Warrnambool

Very worn cardboard cover originally dark blue .with black binding. Rectangular in shape with lined pages. The front pages are filled with names and amounts.Dates range from 28/04/1900 to March 1922: Mr Alex Black Timor Street WarrnamboolLate Black & Eveleigh. White piece of paper has been pasted to front cover..

Historical information

Alexander Black was a painter and decorator who operated a business in Timor St below Swintons. This ledger has entries which relate to work completed at the time including local names such as Coulsock, Landmann, McFarlane,Redford Allendale, McGennan & Co,Water Works Trust Wm Ardlie.


This book lists a number of local names providing local social significance. Local handwritten ledgers such as these were commonly used by many businesses

Inscriptions & Markings

Inside front cover

Photograph - Narrabeen ferry with cargo of elephants

Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc., COWES

B&W postcard. On board the Ferry "Narrabeen" showing passengers beside an unusual cargo bound for Cowes.

Historical information

Part of a collection of 'Rose & Valentine' series of Post Cards. Copied by John Jansson 1984

Inscriptions & Markings

Queer cargoes for Cowes

Photo, RAAF - Picture

Ringwood RSL Sub-Branch, Ringwood

Cardboard picture of RAAF member

Teasel Gig Parts

National Wool Museum, Geelong

Record of Conduct and Service (Grace Brebner)

Victoria Police Museum, Docklands

Record of Conduct and Service belonging to Grace Brebner, registration no. 9690. Includes personal description, list of transfers and black and white profile photograph of Grace Brebner.

Historical information

Grace Brebner graduated in 1942 and was the first police woman to attend Detective Training School. She began at the Criminal Investigation Branch in 1951 often taking on undercover shifts at a factory to investigate illegal gambling. Brebner was later employed as Sub-Officer-in-Charge at the Women Police Division.

Invitation - 1989 Banquet to celebrate installation of Grand Master

Freemasons Victoria - Southern Cross Lodge No. 24 (Maldon), Maldon

digital photographs - Omeo

Ballarat Heritage Services, Bakery Hill Post Office

Photograph - The Rev'd. A. J. Thomson and Mrs. Brenda Thompson (undated)

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

Inscriptions & Markings

Written below photograph, "The Rev'd. A. J. Thomson and Mrs. Brenda Thompson".

Image - Ronald George trophy : Victorian Blind Ten Pin Association State Championship.

Vision Australia, Kooyong

Digital Image

Historical information

A brown wooden award with a banner engraved 'Ronald George Trophy' at the top of the shield, a large metal plate inscribed 'Victorian Blind Ten Pin Association State Championship' in the middle and 'Donated by Marjorie Goodall' in a banner at the base of the shield. 14 smaller plates, with the year and team winners are located around the middle plate: 1990 Shepparton, 1991 Geelong, 1992 Geelong, 1993 Geelong, 1994 Geelong, 1995 Kooyong, 1996 Geelong, 1997 Kooyong, 1998 Elanora, 1999 Kooyong, 2000 Geelong, 2001 Kooyong, 2002 Elanora, 2003 Kooyong.