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Talking Shop: Ballarat in Business and City Life at Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

27 Jun 2019

Curated By

Amy Tsilemanis, Curator, Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

126977 items with images


126977 items with images


Geelong RSL Sub Branch, Belmont

Flag of Victoria, oblong, Cloth predominantly blue, Union Jack in left top corner. with the crown of St Edward and the stars of the Southern Cross on the right hand side.

Historical information

The Flag of Victoria dates from 1865 and was first used to distinguish Victorian Ships from British Ships.


A flag to denote the State of Victoria, Australia.

Inscriptions & Markings

Australian made by Carroll & Richarsdon Pty Ltd 194-196 Whitehorse Road Blackburn Vic

Photograph - Digital Image - Win O’Neill on her wedding day 1942

Greensborough Historical Society, Lower Plenty

Digital copy of black and white photograph

Historical information

"Win O’Neill (daughter of Ivy (née Clayton) and Frank O'Neill, my beloved parents.) Win’s wedding day 1942." - Vicki Wilson.

Unicorn Hotel Area

Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute (BMI Ballarat), Ballarat

Historical information

This photograph is from the Max Harris Collection held by the Ballaraat Mechanics' Institute. Please contact BMI for all print and usage inquiries.

Box - Black cloth with asian art in a box

Brimbank City Council, Sunshine


Bendigo Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum, Bendigo

Canvas Kit bag with stenciled name and details on side and base.

Historical information

Item issued to Eric MacCALLUM No VX41169, enlisted on 26.6.40, 2/32nd Batt 9th Div AIF, age 31 years 9 months, promoted Cpl 6.8.1940, embarked 15.9.1940 for the Middle East, hospital 25.11.1940 with Haemorhoids, rejoinn unit 17.12.1940, attends Mortar and Grenade schools, hospital 16.8.1941 with PUO, taken POW 17.2.1942 at El Alamein. He served in the Seige of Tobruk, Middle East Campaigns. As a POW it appears he was interred from 1942/43 in Italy then 1943/45 in XV111Austria. He describes his conditions in the camps as fair and that he worked on road works. This is a brief description as to his treatment in his records. Embarked from England 4.7.1945 and disembarked in Sydney on 8.8.1945. Discharged from the 2nd AIF on 12.9.1945.

Inscriptions & Markings

In handwritten lettering - "B2 - RZABL- Q" Stencilled - "VX41169 E. MacCallum"

Photograph - Colour - Wombat Botanical Gardens, Daylesford, 2019

Ballarat Heritage Services, Bakery Hill Post Office

Trees in the Wombat Gardens.

painting - Last Train from Beaufort by Rodney Read

Pyrenees Shire Council, Beaufort

painting of train station with people and train to the left


significant as a work of art by local Pyrenees artist, locally significant to the Central Highlands Region of Victoria as a representation of local landscape and/or culture

Inscriptions & Markings

signed: RJR 97 (lower right) inscribed: LAST TRAIN FROM BEAUFORT 1994 FRI MAY 27

Postcard, Tangier Morocco 1905

The Foundling Archive, Brunswick East

Historical information

This item is part of a collection of photographs and postcards found at 'Lost and Found' market, Lygon street, Brunswick East over the period between April 2013 and September 2013.

Medal - VX122136 A G Ellis

Geelong RSL Sub Branch, Belmont

War Medal 1939-1945 - round silver, Ribbon - cloth, red, blue and white

Historical information

This Medal belongs to VX122136 Andrew G Ellis, he was born in Geelong and enlisted in the AIF in Seymour. VX122136 A G Ellis served during WW2.


This Medal is the original that belonged to VX122136 A G Ellis, who served during WW2.

Inscriptions & Markings

VX1221136 A G Ellis inscribed on the bottom of the medal.

Artwork - Printmaking - Magnolia

Federation University Australia Art Collection ,

Framed linocut depicting a Magnolia. You you can assist with information on this artist or artwork please use the comment box below.

Publication - Methods of breeding honeybees: intra-racial selection or inter-racial hybrids? (Ruttner, F.), London, 1968

Wheen Bee Foundation, Beechworth

Document - Street Walks of Warrnambool

Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc., Warrnambool

This is a single sheet of thick paper printed on both sides in green, brown, yellow and beige tonings. One side of the sheet has sketches of buildings and places of interest and printing and the other side has a sketch map of some of the main streets of Warrnambool and some of its attractions.

Historical information

This is a tourist guide to Warrnambool produced by a local artist, Ella Webb, in conjunction with the Warrnambool and District Historical Society. It includes a sketch map showing the location of some points of interest – buildings and sites of historical interest, places of interest that are no longer existing, some natural features (mainly along the coast) and some information about incidents and people in the past. It is an attractive broadsheet that is a useful guide for visitors to Warrnambool.


This sheet is of interest as a modern-day tourist map produced in an artistic fashion by a local Warrnambool artist.

Tournament Programme

Tennis Australia, Melbourne

Programme for Davis Cup event Sweden vs Australia 1981 Materials: Paper, Ink

Midwifery Ward, E1, c.1982 - new wards

Ballarat Base Hospital Trained Nurses League, Ballarat



Bendigo Historical Society, Bendigo

Clothing.,One curvett (bridal headpiece), Lace covered satin encrusted with small imitation pearls around edge. Elastic attachment.J.M.Martin Melbourne - label inside edge. Price tag - 6-19-6 ( in pounds shillings and pence ), still attached.

Flag - Auburn Heights Recreation Club

Kew Historical Society Inc, Kew

Red and green flag of the Auburn Heights Recreation Club. In the centre of the flag is a dove holding aloft a bowling ball. [The item forms part of the large historic Auburn Heights Recreation Club collection, with items relating to the sports of lawn bowls, tennis and croquet, gifted to the Kew Historical Society in 2020].

Historical information

Sports Clubs in Kew in the final decades of the 19th century and in the early 20th century were often umbrella organisations with facilities for a number of sports. Typically in Kew, this included teams in lawn bowls, tennis and croquet. The Kew Bowling Club was formed in 1880 while the privately owned Auburn Heights Recreation Club was opened in 1904. By 1998, the two Clubs decided to amalgamate at the Auburn Heights site in Barkers Road, forming the Kew Heights Sports Club. The combined club was itself taken over by the Melbourne Cricket Club in 2012 becoming MCC Kew Sports Club. In 2017 MCC Kew closed and its landholding was subsequently sold to Carey Baptist Grammar School. Both the Kew and Auburn Heights Clubs assembled important collections. These historically significant and large collections were donated to the Society in 2020. The collections include manuscripts, pictures, trophies, plans, honour boards etc. References Barnard FGA 1910, 'Sports and Pastimes' in Jubilee History of Kew Victoria: Its origin & progress 1803-1910. Chapman J & C 1999, The history of the Auburn Heights Recreation Club, 1904 to 1908. Reeve S 2012, City of Boroondara: Thematic Environmental History, p.216.


The combined collections of the four sporting clubs making up the collection number hundreds of items that are historically significant locally. They are also significant to the sporting history of the greater Melbourne area and to the sports of lawn bowls and tennis in Australia in the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection illuminates two of the Victorian historic themes - 'Building community life' through forming community organisations and 'Shaping cultural and creative life' by participating in sport and recreation.

Inscriptions & Markings

A.H.R.C / FOUNDED 1904 / Auburn Heights

Photograph - [David Kent] conducts a service in St Peter the Mariner chapel

Mission to Seafarers Victoria, Docklands

small b & w photograph of a young chaplain conducting a service in St Peter the Mariner chapel

Historical information

Note - Identification as David Kent needs to be confirmed.

Inscriptions & Markings

handwritten number 2, photographic paper mark ILFORD

Photograph - Ringwood East Railway Station c.1926-30

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

Ringwood East Railway Station c.1926-30

Photograph - Colour - Foundation Stone for the Former Ballarat Court House, Camp Street , 2017

Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre), Mount Helen

Inscriptions & Markings

"This stone was laid by the Mayor C.C. Shoppee M.L.A. 21st August, 1903"

Photograph - Main Road, Eltham looking south towards Mount Pleasant Road, c.May 2001

Eltham District Historical Society Inc, Eltham

Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 7 strips

Inscriptions & Markings

Agfa HDC 200 plus-2

Document - Intermediate Legacy Club. Application for Membership

Melbourne Legacy, Melbourne

White foolscap application form with black type for membership of the ILC.

Historical information

A form for application for membership to the ILC. It shows the declaration required by the nominator and candidate. Background: The ILC was formed in 1929. The idea of the club sprang from those boys who had outgrown the Junior Legacy Club. In the early days it fielded a lacrosse team and it was this that mainly held the members together. Enthusiasm wained after a few years as it lacked a solid objective. The answer came from one of its members and in 1938 they founded the Don Esses Club. This was a club for the children of incapacitated ex-servicemen which met every Thursday night at 7.30 run by the ILC members. The name came from the signallers' code Disabled Servicemen's Sons. During the second world war 80% of the members of the ILC enlisted in the services. Leaving only 8 members that could not join due to ill health or reserved occupations. They continued the Don Esses and whatever aid they could to Legacy. ILC members had always helped Legacy where possible including being camp leaders or camp staff, with the annual demonstrations, and coffee stalls at the ANZAC dawn service. Post second world war some ILC members were nominated into Legacy, others drifted away in civil occupations. It was found difficult to recruit new blood into the ILC and eventually membership waned when the boys from the Don Esses clubs found other youth activities to join. The ILC ceased to meet regularly in the mid fifties. However a strong comradeship still existed between members and they would meet in one anothers homes. Members were always ready to help the senior Legacy Club in any way in their power and still helped at Christmas parties and summer camps. ILC was a service rendering organisation and was self governing. Non-sectarian and non-political, the members were ex-junior legatees over 18 years of age. After serving in World War 2 members were eligible to become members of Legacy. Was in a folder of material collated about the ILC by an early archive committee.


An example of the formality of membership required to be part of the Intermediate Legacy Club. The ILC was active from 1929 to 1974.

Book - Australian policy activism in language and literacy

Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, Brunswick

Australian Policy Activism in Language and Literacy presents the dynamics of language and literacy policy activism in Australia by capturing accounts of many of those most deeply engaged in Australia?s distinctive practice of Language and Literacy policy-making and its effects. This book describes how policy texts came about. 1. From policy to anti-policy: how fear of language rights took policy-making out of community hands /? Joseph Lo Bianco 2. Australia's language /? Paul Brock 3. Politics, activism and processes of policy production: adult literacy in Australia /? Rosie Wickert 4. Although it wasn't broken, it certainly was fixed: interventions in the Australian Adult Migrant English Program 1991-1996 /? Helen Moore 5. Advocating the sustainability of linguistic diversity /? Michael Singh 6. The cost of literacy for some /? Anthea Taylor 7. (E)merging discourses at work: bringing together new and old ways to account for workplace literacy policy /? Geraldine Castleton 8. The melody changes but the dance goes on - tracking adult literacy education in Western Australia from 'learning for life' to 'lifelong learning': policy impacts on practice 1973-1999 /? Margaret McHugh, Jennifer Nevard and Anthea Taylor 9. Sleight of hand: job myths, literacy and social capital /? Ian Falk 10. National literacy benchmarks and the outstreaming of ESL learners /? Penny McKay 11. Open for business: the market, the state and adult literacy in Australia up to and beyond 2000 /? Peter Kell 12. Inventiveness and regression: interpreting/?translating and the vicissitudes of Australian language policy /? Uldis Ozolins 13. Deafness and sign language in government policy documents 1983-1990 /? Des Power 14. Imprisoned by a landmark narrative? Student/?teacher ratios and the making of policy /? Merilyn Childs 15. Ideologies, languages, policies: Australia's ambivalent relationship with learning to communicate in 'other' languages /? Angela Scarino and Leo Papademetre 16. Reconciled to what? Reconciliation and the Norther Territory's bilingual education program, 1973-1998 /? Christine Nicholls 17. Sing out that song: the textual activities of social technologies in an Aboriginal community /? Jack Frawley.

Book - The Stop-Over That Stayed- A History of Essendon- Grant Aldous- Griffin Press Ltd

Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee ,

Hard Cover book, - 'Guns and Brooches' Australian Army Nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War by Jan Bassett 1992

Lara RSL Sub Branch, Lara

Hard Cover Book with Plastic Sleeve, 8" x 10"

Historical information

Army Nurses from Boer War to the Gulf War. It is a reference book with archive material.

Inscriptions & Markings

ISBN 0 19 553380 I. OXFORD University Press


Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc., COWES

Coloured photograph of family home of late W Reid, Reid Road, Rhyll

Historical information

W Reid, a cousin of O Underdown and descendant of Captain David Reid, lived here in Reid Road, Rhyll.

Advertisement - Digital image - D.V. Motor Men 1970

Greensborough Historical Society, Lower Plenty

Digital copy of newspaper advertisement.

Historical information

Advertisement for Diamond Valley Motor Men of Watsonia

Publication - Social insects at the turn of the Millennium: 13th Congress of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI), Adelaide, Australia, 29 December 1998-3 January 1999

Wheen Bee Foundation, Beechworth

Book - City of Knox Heritage Study 1993

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

Soft covered plastic-bound book with City of Knox falcon logo - City of Knox Heritage Study 1993 - A component of the Conservation Strategy.

Inscriptions & Markings

A report prepared by Margaret McInnes - Copyright City of Knox 1993 - Funded by the City of Knox.

Photograph - Colour - Inauguration of University of Ballarat Chancellor Geoffrey Blainey, 1994

Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre), Mount Helen

Three academics stand in Sturt Street Ballarat, in front of the Ballarat Town Hall on the occasion of the inauguration of the inaugural University of Ballarat Chancellor, Prof. Geoffrey Blainey.

Photograph-B&W - East Ringwood 2000- Shops in Railway Avenue looking West

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

East Ringwood 2000- Shops in Railway Avenue looking West- B&W Photo from Album 6501

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