Physical description

A hand written telegram from the Minister for the Army to Mrs. J. Roddy to inform her of the capture of VX8007 A.J. Roddy

Inscriptions & markings

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA POSTMASTER GENERAL's DEPARTMENT/ RECIEVED TELEGRAM/ Typed section of Telgram: FUNDS MAYBE QUICKLY, SAFELY AND/ECONOMICLY TRANSFERRED BY/ MONEY ORDER TELEGRAM/ PLEASE TURN OVER./ RECIEVED TELEGRAM./ The first line of this Telegram contains the following/ particulars in the order named/ Office of Origin, Words, Time Lodged, No/ (hand written)Melbourne, 36/1, 9a, 12 , 2./
Top right hand corner: T.G. 42 (not stamped)/Office Date Stamp/sent at...../Ch'nl No..../ By ....(all of which have no markings)/ Mid Document: Remarks. This message has been recieved subject to the/post and telegraph act/ and regulations./ The time received at this office is shown at the end of this message./The date stamp indicates the date both of lodgement and of reception/ inless otherwise shown after the particulars/ of the time lodged.//
Beside this is: TO (hand written) Postal acknowledgement/ Personal/ Mrs. J. Roddy 20 Emily St/Merbein 6365.//
Under this handwrittten in ink: Distre 1319 To inform you that/ VX8007 A J Roddy Previously/ reported missing is now reported/ Prisoner of War Interned Carinthia/ Minister for the Army/ 9.25