Historical information

Forms part of the A.J. (Blue) Roddy VX8007 Collection

Physical description

2 sheets of card used to make a menu, hand sketched xartoon on front in grey lead and ink of soldier leaning on a shovel. Inside is two menus. One is the ideal menu the second is the real menu, (Very Humerous) all hand written in ink. Brought home from POW camp by A.J. (Blue) Roddy VX8007

Inscriptions & markings

Front page: 3rd POW/ Anniversary/ 1944/
Bottom Left corner: Notsch 10811/GW
Page 1: MENU/ Hors-d'oeuores/Soup./ Consomme Minestrone Tomato Bouillon/ Fish/ Whiting Dover Soles Oysters./ Emtree/ Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding/ Roast Pork and White sauce./ Grilled chops and peas./ Dessert. Peach Melba Fruit Salad and Cream/ Carlton Puding, Apple pie and Cream/ Ice Cream/ Coffee.// Page 2: Menu/ Horses Manoeures/ Etwas./ Yeatecomme,Tinned Tomato Bully./ Tons of it./ Salmon Red. Salmon Pink. Sardines Varied./ Enter./ Roast Bully and "Bengers" Yorkshire Pudding./ Roast Meat Roll and Horse radish sauce/ Garlic sausage Grilled spick and Etwas./ Desserted./ Rice Custard, custard,/ Fruit salad and klim, Notsch duff./ Currant Pudding and custard./ Cold klim./ Coffee - if lucky tea./ Captivity Plonk./ K.G.H. Schnapps, Soft Drinks/ Beer cocktails.