Historical information

This book contains the report from the select committee on Castlemaine and Sandhurst water supply; with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence and appendices. It also contains the report Of the Engineer-In-Chief of Railways, and reply of the Chief Engineer of Water Supply on the works constructed by the Victorian Water Supply Department, presented to both houses of parliament by His Excellency’s command. Ferdinand M. Krause, was a lecturer at the Ballarat School of Mines in Geology Mineralogy Mining Engineering and Surveying. He was a Fellow of the Geological Society and a Fellow of the Linnian Society. He was assistant engineer for the Ballaarat and Ballarat East Water Supply Committee and helped plan local reservoirs.

Physical description

A brown cloth hard cover, foolscap book with leather spine. Title is written in black on the title page. "Water Supply Reports" is engraved in gold on spine. It includes a table showing the monthly and yearly rainfall and shade temperature at Ballarat, 2nd February, 1885. It also includes two reports and two replies, a map No.7082.2 of Victorian Water Supply, Castlemaine and Sandhurst district general plan including lines of Aqueduct, Reservoirs.
No. 7082.3 of Victorian Mining districts, Mining Divisions and The Gold Fields in 1866 - includes districts to be supplied under the Waterworks Act, 1965.

It also includes:
*Report of the Engineer-in-chief of Railways and Reply of the Chief Engineer of Water Supply on the works constructed by the Victorian Water Supply Department, 1869.
* Coliban Water Scheme, 1864
* Ballarat and Ballarat East Water Supply (1869) including the Ballarat Water Supply List containing names of occupiers and nature of improvements on lands comprised within the proposed reserve of Gong Gong Reservoir, Ballaarat. At Warrenheip the names included: Honora McCallin, William Honan, C. McMahon, Patrick McMahon, J.P. Beach, J.H. Smith, Michael Nestor, Martin Quinn, Martin McIntyre, Robert Higgins, Coleman Kane, Robert Bond. At Ballarat: William Clarke, Richard White, John Hosking, Wesleyan Chapel, J. Hewitt, Robert McRobinson. At Bungaree: John Pullin, John Llewellyn. William Daw, Smith and Wynne, William Brough, A. Alexander.
* Ballarat and Ballaarat East Water Supply report upon the advisability, or otherwise, of constructing a reservoir at the junction of the Yarrowee Creek and Gile's Creek, upon a site known as Gile's Reservoir (printed by Frank Pinkerton). This report has numerous notes written on it (most probably by Krause) and includes the capacity of Harry Beale's Reservoir, Pimcott's Reservoir and the Proposed Gong Gong Reservoir.
* Statement as to the position of the Ballaarat and Ballaarat East Borough Councils in Connection with Water Supply, September 1869.
* Ballarat and Ballaarat East Water Supply - General Statement upon the Ballaarat and Ballaarat east Scheme of Water Supply. Includes information on Moorabool reservoir, Harry Beale's Reservoir, Lal Lal Creek, Two Mile Creek, Beale's Dam, Yarrowee Creek, Gong Gong Reservoir, Kirk's Dam, Devil's Creek, Moorabool Creek. Additional handwritten notes (probably by Krause)
* Engineer's Report on the resolution of the COmmittee of Water Supply, of the 7th July 1868. The report refers to the Country around Mount Warrenheip. Names mentioned are L. Abraham, Great North-West Gold Mining Company, Border Sawmills, Ferdinand Krause, Ohlfsen Bagge, W.H. Shaw,

Inscriptions & markings

A signature by "Ferdinand M. Krause" at the top corner of the title page. A few pages have handwriting on the margins, it is believed to be his handwriting.