Historical information

During the 1914-1918 war these souvenirs were sent by a soldier to his sweetheart, his fiancee. The pocket handkerchief holder was made of pure silk. Sadly the soldier was killed on the battlefield. His fiancee remained true to his love for the rest of her life laughing away other proposals of many admirers. Her name was Ada. She is 97 year old and now living in Tasmania and was once a close friend of Beannie Cummins (dec) of Alexandra. This information was given in 1994.


Part of our World War One collection.

Physical description

This Handkerchief purse was once used by ladies to store their beautiful handkerchiefs. It is made of white silk (now faded.)Padded with cotton padding front and back. It has an embroidered cord around the outside with bows of cord on four corners and in the middle and top, and across the top of the opening of the purse. It has an embroidered panel 13cm x 8 cm with bows of ribbon on the two bottom corners, lace and cord around the panel. Panel embroidered with British and French flag in their country's colours in the shapes of 1919. SOUVENIR DE FRANCE embroidered in panel in green faded silk.

Inscriptions & markings