Historical information

In April 1869 when the foundation stone of the Mortlake Mechanics' Institute was laid by Thomas Shaw of Wooriwyrite, this parchment scroll was sealed with other documents in the foundation stone. In 1891 when further alterations were made the hall these documents were retrieved from the stone.


This building was erected to house the local library whichup until that time had been housed in the Morllake Common School.

Physical description

Discoloured foolscap parchment with copperplate lettering, some water damage which has caused the obliteration of the names of the Members of the Building Committee, Hon.Secretary and Architect.

Inscriptions & markings

At a Public Meeting presided over by John Grieve Esq. President of the Shire/The foundation stone/of this building/was laid by - /Thomas Shaw Junior Esquire the President of the Institute on Monday/the 29th day of March A. D. 1869 in the 32nd year of the Reign of Her/Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria Sir I. A. T. Manners Sutton/being Governor of this Colony of Victoria/With this Scroll is Deposited/A copy of The Argus Newspaper of 28th March 1869/A copy of The Warrnambool Examiner of ? March 1869/A copy of The Belfast Examiner of 17th March 1869/Members of/The Building/ Committee/Hon.Secretary and Treasurer/Architect/Contractors/Messrs Jenkins and Harvey,Mason/Mr Joseph Wyatt,Carpenter.