Historical information

This small white jug was probably created as a souvenir of Mortlake. Its depiction of the 'Soldier's Monument' (War Memorial completed 1920), is quite accurate and perhaps reflects the importance of such monuments in small country towns.


Memorials created in many country towns, cities and suburbs after the Great War, reflected civic pride and were created in recognition of the sacrifice of so many men in defence of the realm. Mortlake's 'Soldier's Memorial' is typical of many such memorials Australia wide. It forms one part of the Mortlake's tribute, the others being the Soldiers' Memorial Hall (which incorporates the old Mechanics' Institute) and the Avenue of Honour (cypress) along the Hamilton Highway on the eastern side of the town.

Physical description

Small glazed white jug, with gold rim, handle; transfer picture of the Mortlake War Memorial - showing plinth, column, soldier and fence with backdrop of mature trees.

Inscriptions & markings

Captioned: 'Soldier's Monument Mortlake'. On base: 'Melba Bone China (followed by crown insignia) Guaranteed Made In England.'