Historical information

This photograph shows one of the many social functions organised for visiting seafarers. In this instance, as there is a band. It is possibly a photograph from a weekend dance.

The photograph is part of a serie likely to have been taken by Bill Doyle (Reverend C.J. Eldridge-Doyle), who was a keen photographer like many of the chaplains as he often uses the Ilford paper to print his images.


The Mission to Seafarers as an organisation is dedicated to not only providing spiritual and practical support to seafarers, but has long found it important to provide social opportunities as well. In the past there have been many dances, concerts and other social events that have been designed to cater for visiting seafarers.

Physical description

Small black and white photograph with white border showing a band playing on the stage at the Mission to Seafarers Melbourne. There is a drummer to the left, a female saxophonist in the centre and a pianist to the right. There is also a large flower arrangement in the front centre stage and two women sitting on chairs in front of the stage.