Historical information

Mission to Seafarers regularly held social events as both a means of fundraising for the continuation of the organisation's work and providing social activities for visiting seafarers. On many Saturday nights there would be dances, concerts or other social events. This photograph depicts one such event.


The Mission to Seafarers as an organisation is dedicated to not only providing spiritual and practical support to seafarers, but has long found it important to provide social opportunities as well. In the past there have been many dances, concerts and other social events that have been designed to cater for visiting seafarers

Physical description

Small black and white photograph of a group of people in the main hall (Flying Angel Club) of the Mission to Seafarers Melbourne. Some are dancing and some are standing together. The photograph is taken from an angle that has the bar (canteen) in the background.

Inscriptions & markings

Pen on reverse of photograph: "5" enclosed in a circle.