Historical information

Black-and-white photo of Mary Norman-Bail, other staff members, and pupils of her Pathfinder School. Date is not known, but ca1950s.


This is one of a collection of several hundred photos, books, documents and teaching aids donated to Langi Morgala Museum by Jessica Norman-Bail (or by her estate). Almost all the collection relates to Jessica's mother, the photographer, artist and educator Mary Norman-Bail, and to Mary Norman-Bail's Pathfinder School, which was located in Ararat for several years in the first half of the twentieth century. In total, the Norman-Bail collection provides an illuminating picture of the unique Pathfinder school, though much of the collection is yet to be analysed. The Langi Morgala Norman-Bail collection is of local signficance; but further research into the collection, and into Norman-Bail's work and ideas, may enhance the significance further.

Physical description

Unmounted black-and-white photo, No inscriptions, but original and new accession number of photo are written on the back.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscription the back of the photo [cat.nbrs]: "1641 / EC 1641.1"