Historical information

The photograph portrays the main hall of the Mission to Seamen as it was used c.1950.


The photograph is documents a moment in history that reflects how the main hall of the Mission to Seamen was used around the 1950s. The photograph also portrays one of many events held by the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild as one of the services provided for visiting seafarers.

Physical description

A black and white photograph inside the Mission to Seafarers Melbourne main hall. In the foreground there are two couples; on the left side of the photograph the couple are facing the left side, a man in a suit, vest and tie and a lady to the right in a mid-length skirt, jumper and short hair. The couple on the right of the photograph are facing each other - the lady has her back to the camera, and the man facing more toward the camera, he is also in a suit and is balding. A couple are standing in the mid ground, central in the photograph; a lady is on the left in a light coloured cardigan, mid length skirt and short dark hair; the man on the right is wearing a dark suit and tie, and a light coloured shirt. There are a number of people in the background that are partly concealed by the couples in the mid-foreground. An archway is visible to the left, that leads to the 'cafeteria', and an arch window can be seen on the right side of the photograph in the background, The hardwood floorboards are visible, as is the wainscote (wood panelling) on the walls in the background. A clock is situated right of centre on the back wall.