Historical information

Born at Sandhurst, Victoria Albert Steane attended the Gravel Hill State School until the fourth class, then transferred to the Central School 1976 where he gained the Merit Certificate. The monitor system of teacher training had been introduced and he passed fourth, third, second and first class pupil teacher. At about 16 years of age he was appointed a teacher monitor at 12 pounds per annum.

Albert Steane was awarded the Teachers' Certificate of Competency in 1897. He was the first headmaster of the Ballarat Technical School (1913), and opened the Sloyd (woodwork) Centre in 1902 at the Ballarat East Art School (later known as the Ballarat East Free Library). of Mines and Industries Ballarat (SMB).

Steane is known for the teaching of Sloyd or woodwork, which was an important point in his career, and for his love of gymnastics. He was made a life member of the Ballarat Y.M.C.A. in 1968 aged 91 years. The teaching of woodwork in Victoria began in 1901 and Steane was chosen, among 18 others for the inaugural training course at Queensberry State School in Melbourne.

Steane died, aged 93 years, on 13 July 1970, at Sydney, leaving his widow Grace Elliott Steane and children Eric and Violet.
(See http://guerin.ballarat.edu.au/curator/honour-roll/honourroll_steane.shtml)

Physical description

Victorian Education Department License to Teach Certificate printed and handwriiten on to parchment like paper, made out to Albert Alfred Whitelock Steane. License No. .