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Map. Korweinguboora. - Korweinguboora. Counties of Talbot and Grant.

From the Collection of Ballan Shire Historical Society 45-47 Steiglitz St Ballan Victoria

A map of the Korweinguboora area showing land subdivisions and names of owners and other physical features. There is a scale in chains. No date is certain but it could be 1902. The map has been repaired with sellotape.
53 cm H x 40.5 cm W
Object Registration
VBSH 00917
talbot, moorarbool west, wombat, bullarto, korweinguboora, moorarbool east, dean, wombat state forest, barkstead
Historical information
A map of the Korweinguboora area showing roads, forests, railway lines and properties with the owners names.
Made By
Department of Lands and Survey.
The inclusion of the names of landowners is of significance and value to historians.
Inscriptions & Markings
There are various pencil annotations but the are difficult to read.
Last updated
23 Dec 2018 at 8:11PM