This item is of significance because it commemorates the unveiling of a life size bronze statue of Australian middleweight boxing champion Les Darcy at Maitland, NSW.
This limited edition badge was given as a memento to the sponsor's of the monument and special guests who attended the unveiling.
It has historic relevance because Les Darcy was born at Stradbroke near Maitland in 1895. He died in America in 1917 age 22 and is buried in the West Maitland cemetary where hundreds of tourists make visits every year. His family home in Maitland still stands and is also a tourist attraction although privately owned.
The badge depicts an image of Les Darcy in his famous boxing pose.The figure of Darcy is surrounded by a floral motif depicting the Australian coat of arms at the top and the inscription Les Darcy Memorial encircling his image. A scroll at the bottom of of the medal says; Maitland Wonder.