Historical information

The CD-Rom includes a range of electronic correspondence sent 'Big Cats Victoria and Simon Townsend and JohnTurner.

Their website states:

Big Cats Victoria
Southern Australia, including south western West Australia, has a history of reports of ‘panther’ like predators dating back to the later half of the 19th century. The animals were usually described as being of black or tan colouration and with the proportions of a medium sized big-cat such as a Leopard or Puma. The records can be found in newspaper, radio and television archives, Government reports, a very few books and on the internet. The historical material is based on anecdotal reportage and has contributed to the mythification of the subject.

Some Government agencies at both State and Local levels (in New South Wales), have collected records of sightings or investigated stock deaths purported to be associated with so called ‘panther’ kills. They remain understandably non committal due to the lack of a specimen of such a predator of undeniable authenticity. While other types of unknown predator have been reported in various parts of Australia they are not the concern of this website.

For purposes of economy we, John Turner and Simon Townsend, confine our investigations to western Victoria and south eastern South Australia. (http://bigcatsvic.com.au/)

Physical description

A CD-ROM of multiple emails and image attachments relating to assorted sightings, footprints, killings, etc from big cats in the Otways of Victoria. The electronic mail was sent to 'Big Cats Victoria'

Images include:

This item is part of the Australian Animal Folklore Collection