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Documents - Reports - Reports and articles relating to Big Cats

From the Collection of Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre) Federation University Australia, Mt Helen Campus Federation University Australia E.J. Barker Library (top floor) Mount Helen Victoria

Research documents relating to reports into big cats and other animals of Australian Folklore.
(1) Acclimatizing the World: A history of the Paradigmatic Colonial Science by Michael A. Osborne.
(.2) A novel microsatellite (STR) marker for forensic identification of big cats India by Anju Singh et al.
(.3) The Feral Cat by Ian Mahood
(.4) Report Re Faeces Suspected to Be from a Big Cat by David Cass
(.5) Indentification of Leopard, Panthera Pardus, in South Eastern Australia by Analysis of DNA from Hairs by Stephen Frankenberg and david Cass.
(.6) David Cass's Story by David Cass
(.7) Animal calls mistaken for big cats- Graeme Ambrose
(.8) Review of Cat Ecology & Management Strategies in Australia - Elizabeth Denny and Christopher Dickman
(.9) Ecology of the Feral Cat, Felis catus (L.), in South eastern Australia. III.*Home ranges and Population ecology in Semiarid North-West Victoria -Evan Jones and Brian Coman.
(.10) Feeding Ecology and population Dynamics of the feral cat (Felis Catus) in relation to the availability of prey in central-eastern New South Wales - Robyn Molsher, Alan Newsome and Chris Dickman.
(.11) Thylaine associated with the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales - R.N. Paddle.

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The articles were used for research into Australian Animal Folklore.
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