Historical information

Significant pictorial record of College life at the end of the WW1. Property appearance, uniform/clothing details, furnishings, and named photographs of students.
Junior school Forms I, II, III: Top row: T Dowling, Whitfield, W Paterson, R Paterson, R Morris, B Pain, W Coyle, R Thomas, Campbell; Middle row: Creer, pringle, Greenfield, K Baird, Mrs Gilbert, R Thomas, G Jeffrey, G Shaw, E Morton; Front row: H Strong, C Morton, R Carthew, R Pearce, A Greenfield;
Middle School Forms IV, VB: Top row: Leslie, Michael, M Gunn, H Jones, W Hicks, L McLennan, K Bradby, Forster, K Joy, C C McMillan; 2nd row from top: Mr Deans, R Paterson, A Carthew, A Mckenzie, N Shaw, G Ross, H Lester, Leishman, Tanner, G E Clark, W Revelman, Mr Morton; Thurd row from top: A Levy, McLeod, J O'Grady, E Davies, W Walker, J Smith, N Boustead, E Abraham, Alkemade, Ronaldson, Crawford, McDougall, Hill; Front row: Klug, J Tonner, H Deeble, Soloman, Beacham, J Bradby, A Coldham, G Clarke, L Murphy, A King.
Senior school Forms VIA, VIB & VA Top row: E Pearce, W Williams, A Ramage, D Langsford A Clarke, J Mitchell. Middle row: R Langsford, A Rogers, G Lester, V Cooper, A Thiessen, R Shannon, G Swan, D Robinson, J Coltman, R Jack; Front row: B Jones, L Shannon, R Morrow, Mr A S M Polson BA, R Steveson, R Sloan, M Morris.


Social significance

Physical description

Loose-leaf photograph album featuring photographs of Ballarat College property and classes taken 4th July 1918. Light card cover. 8 inidividual sheets of paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Front cover: BALLARAT COLLEGE / PHOTOGRAPHS 4th July 1918 C A Ramage / DIFFERENT VIEWS 7 GROUPS / Taken 1918