Historical information

Henry J. Hall was an teacher Freehand Drawing and Model Drawing at the Ballarat School of Mines. In 1889 he reported to the Ballarat School of Mines Council that this class was never established for the cultivation of Art (as generally understood) or the making of pictures but with an idea of assisting artisans - of both sexes - and persons connected with mechanical industries, in acquiring lightness of hand, and facility in the use of a black-lead pencil so as to be able to place legibly and intelligibly upon a sheet.

For many years Henry Hall advertised private tuition in Drawing, Painting and Perspective, at 'Ferndale', 25 Eyre Street.

Physical description

Handwritten letter on paper with the address 'Ferndale, 25 Eyre Street, Ballarat' printed at the top. The handwritten letter is from Henry J. Hall to Andrew Anderson, President of the Ballarat School of Mines.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in ink
"March 19th 98
Andrew Anderson Esq
President School of Mines
Dear Sir
I am informed by the registrar of the School of Miens that you are desirous of despensing [sic] with the services of Drawing Instructor at that Institution.
The reason assigned being dis-satisfaction expressed by the inspector regarding "the quantity and quality of the freehand work done during the year.
Before any definite action is taken, might I ask in justice to myself and the students whose work is thus maligned, that I be allowed a personal interview with Mr Monkhouse in order to ascertain the grounds of his complaint, and afford me an opportunity of vindicating my position.
I have the honor
to remain, respectfully yours
Henry J. Hall."

Written and circled in red ink "168"