Historical information

The letter was written by Allen Quinn to his mother. Allen started working as a seafarer when he was 16 years old, and frequently wrote to his mother during his travels. He also created an extensive photograph collection, which corresponds with the letters.


The letter is part of an ongoing correspondence between Allan and his mother. In this letter, Allan talks about his 18th birthday, a trip to Stockholm and the ship he was on.

Physical description

Letter addressed to Mrs S. Quinn, "Sanlorenzo", 63 Ocean Beach, Manly, N.S.W, Australia, in three parts. Part 0155 Envelope Part 0155.1-2 Letter Pages. The letter pages are tissue-like air mail paper. The letter begins "My Dear Mum, Well I am now eighteen..." and concludes with "P.S Fancy Norm (indecipherable) shall write him." In the top right hand corner is "M/I Ariston, At Sea" and id dated 5/7/46. In the top left hand corner of both pages is the SkyMail logo.

Inscriptions & markings

Front of envelope: MRS. S. QUINN / "SAN LORENZO"/ 63 OCEAN BEACH / MANLY N.S.W / AUSTRALIA handwritten in black ink. in the top right hand corner are three Swedish stamps, with two stamped postmarks: GOTEBORG 1 / 30. 4 / 46 / *.