Historical information

The Ballarat School of Mines was the first School of Mines in the southern hemisphere. Its Museum was established in 1872.

Donation 600, 4 July 1882, H. Sutton, Ballarat.
Nature of Donation:
13th Annual report of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain
2 papers 'from the proceedings of the Royal Society', Nos 217 & 218 - 1882 communicated by the President :on a new electrical Storage battery" by Henry Sutton, Ballarat, Victoria

Donation 976, 8 May 1884, H. Sutton, Ballarat.
Nature of Donation:
* 1 volume "Pluttner on the Blowpipe: (Pluttner's manual of qualitative & quantitative analysis of the blowpipe.

Donation 1682, 28 Feb 1887, James Lamb, Ballarat.
Nature of Donation: Copy of "The Ballarat Times" newspaper of 3 December 1854, framed, and protected on both sides with glass.

Donation 1712, 28 April 1887, Marg. Guerin, Ballaarat.
Nature of Donation: Specimens nos (797-806) 797-801 from the New Reform Mine Luchnow, NSW (797) Serpentine with vein of quartz and calcite (798) Surpentine passing into silicous ferruginoous gossan; with drives of rock crystal (&99) Diorite with vein of calcite (800) Auriferous vein stuff (801) Auriferous arrenopyrite with calcite (802) noble opal filling cavities in decomposed traclyte (803-805) from Mr McDonald, NSW (806) arutute (carbonate of lead) in long schombie purni (?)

Donation 1730, 23 May 1887, Miss Guerin, Ballaarat.
Nature of Donation: Copy of the Victorian Review No 74 December 1 1885, Copy Wide Awake Vol 1 No 6 May 21st 1887

Physical description

Large rough calf covered book recording museum, laboratory and library donations to the Ballarat School of Mines. 4835 donations are recorded.Marbled end papers. Labels on spine and front cover.