Historical information

Probably brought to the area by Chinese miners or shopkeepers. It was used to weigh small items at a time when goods were often paid in gold. In could also be used for weighing opium. In China it was known as a Dotchin.
Creswick had a large Chinese population which arrived circa 1855 and established the Chinese Camp (now Calembeen Park) plus other satelite camps in the area. In 1859 there was over 1,000 residents in the area and many operated as shopkeepers.

Physical description

Joined pieces of wood (bamboo), violin shape case joined with brass rivet together. The case features a long section to house the ivory rod with the bulbous section to house metal dish with four holes. Ivory rod. Metal weight is missing

Inscriptions & markings

Ivory rod has markings to indicate weight. Metal dish has four holes