Historical information

The Ballarat School of Mines was established in 1870 through the initiatives of the Ballarat Mining Board making it the oldest site of technical education in Australia. The Board was concerned with the shortage of mine managers for the goldfields. Classes began in surveying, mathematics, and chemistry and a decade later they included metallurgy , assaying and geology.

With the decline in goldmining the direction of the college changed and broadened, the art School was established and the Ballarat Junior Technical School developed. In 1976, the tertiary sector seperated from the School of Mines and Industries Ballarat to form the Ballarat College of Advanced Education.

In the 1980s SMB was a Community College of Technical Education and Further Education (TAFE) offering a wide range of vocational, enrichment and preparatory programs. It is continuing the tradition of providing for the educaiton needs of people within the Central Highlands. During the 1970s and 80s it acquired and refurbished old buildings and developed new facilities to keep up with the needs of an expanding curriculum and student population.

The era of these annual reports is just before the merger with the University of Ballarat.

Physical description

A number of soft card covered annual report for the Ballarat School of Mines.

.1) 12 page black covered report featuring an image of the E.J. Tippett Library. Includes information on death of E.J. Tippett, disability policy, Peter Quinn, Patti McNulty, Bob Feary, Shane Everand, Integration, Fiona Watson, retirement of Robert Morgan, Opening of the carpentry and Joinery Facility in Davey Street, formation of the School of Business and Information Technology, Melissa Bone, opening of the E.J. T. Tippett Learning Resource Centre (Library), Refurbishment of the Administration Building, Food Service Building (Prospects), Court House Theatre, Enrolment centre, Museum, Creche, Women's Trade technical Program, Rural Education Program, Ararat Prison Program, Community Studies Section, Ararat Adult Literacy Group. Literacy Assistance for Undergraduates, Fire training, fitness, open Learning, Training & Employment Group, Awards, Filipino Visitors, oil Seed Research, Brunei, Barometer (gift) for Horticulture, Special Equipment (guillotine and brake press; programmable logic Controller; theodolite: laser lever; Universal testing Machine; Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer)., organisational Structure. Photos include Ken Flecknoe, Peter Quinn, Patti McNulty, Bob Feary, Shane Everard, Fiona Watson,Linda Bland, Robert Morgan, David McCaughey, E.J. Tippett, Frank Sheehan, Julie Baulch, Jo Reeves, Col McCurry, Jenny Garnham

.3) Blue covered book with a photograph of the M.B. John Building taken from Albert Street on the cover. Topics include: Ken Flecknoe, Peter Shiells, Ararat Campus, David Haddow, Kevin Martin, Rendle Hannah, Gary Eason, Geoff Pope, Albert Peart, M.B. John building opened, Hairdressing Salon, Community Centre, Creche, closure of Lydiard Street, Museum, Jenny Levison, Inskill, Small Business Training, Ballarat Eat free Library, Barkly Street, Wormalds Valve Group, Aboriginal Programs, Horticulture Center, Awards, Country fire Authority, tractor Donation, Women's Policy. Special purchases included surveying equipment with data recorder, test rig , CDT MIG welder, compact gas chromatograph with FID and single pen recorder, Olivetti stand-alone word processing unit. Images include Ken Flecknoe. Peter Shiells, John Crowe, Trevor Slater, Brian McLennan, Kerrie Cross, Albert Peart, John Cain, M.B. John, Enrollment Centre, Museum, Jo Watson, Wormalds, Brian Webber, Dianna Nikelson, Ian Aitken, Brendan B, Chez Dichiera, Heather Dixon, Julie Broadbent

.4) 1993 - Brown and white soft covered annual review featuring students of the Ballarat School of Mines at work. Bill Gribble, Brian McLennan, Peter Shiells Retirement, Robert C. Lovett, Steven Mendelson, Max Palmer, Jenny Gough, Mary Molloy, Barrie Firth, Colin McCurry, Dora Hormann, Organisation Structure, Brewery Acquisition, Humffray Street Primary School, Grant Street Retaining Wall, Neville Bunning Plaque, VCE Plus, Ballarat Small Business centre, Ararat Prison, Ballarat Showgrounds Rotunda,

.6) Green covered annual review with an aerial photograph over Albert Street, Ballarat. Content include Kerrie Cross, Peter Shiells. Kenneth Flecknoe Obituary, Ian Pimblett, Keith Boast, David Nicholson, Max Palmer, Brian Webber, Bob Lovett, Linda Bland, Prospects, Training restaurant, 3BBB, Malcolm Vallance, Aboriginal Programs, Ian Cathie, Koorie Support Unit, Caroline Hogg, 'Trained Men Make Their Own Terms' exhibition at the Gold Museum, Ricky Hains, Stephen Hughes, Jeff White, Dennis Bolster

.8) Blue covered review for 1989. The contents include: Kerrie Cross, Peter Shiells, Ann McCaffrey, Kevin Alsop, Mary Molloy, Ross Furness, Robert Lovett, Victoria Street Student Hostel, Hugh Beggs, Ballarat Small Business Centre, Inskill, Ararat Campus, Hospitality and Tourism, Koorie Support Unit, Fiona Warsn, Bruce Staley, Terry Moran, Anthony Wonish, Ivan Deveson, Leo Shannon Memorial Award, Bryan Crebbin, Geoff Howard, R.C.W. Burdett, Jeff White, Ian Harris, Tom Wiseman, Bill Gribble, Allison Kay, Steven Mendelson, Keith Boast.

.9) Grey covered book with a coloured photo of the Victoria Street Student Residence. Contents include: Kerry Cross, Peter Shiells, Morgan Bevan John Illuminated address. Jean Phillips, Koorie Support Unit, Andrew Sullivan, Victoria Street Student Residence, Horticulture, Inskill, Tertiary Awareness Project, Adult Education, Ivan Deveson, Brian Howe, Barry Jones, Joan Kirner, Andrew Trigg, Warren Perry, Murrell Rock Collections, Gwyn Hanssen-Piggott, Disability Awareness Day, Sebastopol Borough Logo, Phoebe Rimmer, Russell Jackson, R.J. Young Scholarship, Peter Muir, Founders Day Cake, Morgan John.

.11) Black card covered booklet with five images of exteriors of the Ballarat School of Mines. the contents include: Jack Barker, Peter Shiells, Peter Ellyard, Ian Stoney, Terry Moran, Wayne Strong, David Ince, Simone Titheridge, Ian Aitken,Kevin Alsop, Bill Bridges, Clive Carmichael, Bob Feary, Rendle hannah, Roly Parfenovics, Graham Snibson, Kevin Stockdale, Len Wilson, Child Care Centre opening, Student accommodation, Victoria Street, Brewery site. naming buildings, E.J. barker. A.W. Steane K.J. Flecknow, Carpentry and joinery, Inskill, Hospitality, Pottery, ceramics, Founders' Day, Warren Perry, Agreement between Ballarat School of Mines and Ballarat university College, merger, Peter Baldwin, Awards, obituary Lindsay Hillman. Images include: Wayne Strong, David Ince, Simone Titheridge, kerrie Cross, Joan Kirner, Frank Sheehan, Bill Gribble Ros Wilkie, Judi O'Loughlin, Tony Leonard, Gemma Hearnes, Brendan Hill, Joanne Bell, Karl Moon, Stella Savy, Shirley Falkinder, Peter Baldwin, Jack Barker, Michael Ronaldson, David Kemp, Peter Shiells, Margot Healey, Sharon McLennan, Kerrie Firns, Petrena Brookers, Deb Goudappel, Claire Bond, Administration Building Lindsay Hillman.

.13 ) Brown covered report with photographic images. Content includes: Pam Merrett. , Peter Shiells, Robert Lovett, Steven Mendelson, Max Palmer, Jenny Gough, Barrie Firth

.14) Brown covered report with photographic images. Content includes:

.15) Green covered report with photographic images. The blond woman standing on the right looking at a computer screen is Pam Merrett. Content includes: Bill Gribble, Ron Wild, Doug Sarah, Martin Hill, John Kemp, David Manterfield, Leslie Comy, Linette Penhall, Glen Martland. Virginia Fenelon. Michael Bracher, Brewery Building. Child care centre, Prospects Cafe Opening, Horticulture Training Centre, Retaining Wall, The Gordon, University of Ballarat and Ballarat School of Mines affiliation, Geoffrey Blainey, Ararat Community College Memo of understanding, Brian McLennan. Founders Day (Hadden Storey), Gwyn Hanssen-Pigott, Ken Latta, Neville Bunning Outstanding Achievement Award, Valerie Wilson, Jack Barker, John Sharpham, Jack Barker Resignation.