Historical information

Ivy WILSON (1907-1998)
Ballarat | Australia

Ivy Wilson lived at 17 Mair Street with her parents while she studied at the Ballarat Technical Art School.
Her student folio contains several stencils hand-cut from paper and card. Among them are stylised graphics of correa, waratah, gum, and kangaroo apple as well as kookaburras, cockatoos and a koala. One example of a wreath was subsequently translated into embroidered needlework. Wilson’s folio possibly consists of mostly junior technical work, as she appears to only have sat a single senior Education Department examination, Drawing Plant Forms from Nature. Alternatively, given her focus on textile-based arts, she may have been an evening trade student.

Physical description

A number of digitised images taken from a folder of works by Ivy Wilson undertaken at the Ballarat School of Mines Technical Art School between 1920 and 1922.

The folio of work was later donated 'In memory of my mother Ivy Wilson'.