Historical information

This cookery book was printed in the early 1960s for the purpose of obtaining the necessary funds for the construction of the Mount Beauty swimming pool. The advertisements within this book covers local traders of this time frame, for example, the Bogong Hotel which is no longer operational. the culinary measurements are in Imperial measures(pounds and ounces). The book has sections for continental dishes and sweets (Australian flavour), special dishes for Lent, cakes (farmhouse fruit cake), jams, marmalades (home made), marrow and apple chutney. Some of these recipes are early 20th Century related and in the 2000s are not sought after. The food "take away" lifestyle has been responsible for the demise of a lot of the recipes in this book. The swing away from home grown produce has been not only a lifestyle change but also the faster pace of living in rural areas. The specialisation and redefined development of the local produce store (previously provided everything the rural shopper needed) was a forced move due to larger and cheaper city born fresh food supermarkets. Although there are still some local produce store within the region these will in time vanish.


This cookery book was produced just after Mount Beauty was released from an SEC "closed" community in 1961(see KVHS 0134) and the town then had to fend for itself. This book was compiled and produced because the town needed a swimming pool (which possible would have been provided had the SEC still been responsible). The book demonstrates the strong rural psyche of rallying together for the good of all and united for something which would be of benefit to all. The period 1961 to the 1970s was one of great change for Mount Beauty. The SEC protective cage was a blessing for some but a goal for others. The independence that was gained after the SEC left provided for a drastic "make over" in regards to the facilities provided for the "locals" and that for the tourists. An increase in tourist related industries such as snow skiing in winter, hang gliding and gliding, mountain bike rallies, bush walking and horse riding, all of which have supply outlets in the town, has provided a more cosmopolitan atmosphere. These activities and the greater interaction with populations outside of the region has reduced the "hermit" type feel of the town psyche.

Physical description

This recipe book consists of eighty nine pages in black and white print. It contains black and white sketches, recipes of local domestic cooks and advertisements covering local traders. The cover is approximately 280 g/m2 in weight and the pages are at 90 g/m2 in weight. The cover has a design in the style of Abstract Expressionism (period 1950-1960s) of identifiable (clock,jug,fruit,window) and abstract objects in tints of blue and shades of black. This was designed by Cheryl Ryder of the Mount Beauty High School, under supervision of Mr I Baker (Art Teacher)

Inscriptions & markings

On the foreword(page two and page three) "Mt. Beauty Souvenir Cookery Book First Edition" . This foreword was presented by Rosa Kinnear, President, Ladies' Auxiliary
2nd copy - no inscription