Historical information

The City of Moorabbin Historical Society was formed c 1960 by a group of Moorabbin area residents who were concerned that the history of the area should be preserved. A good response to a call for items related to the historical area of Moorabbin Shire brought donations of a wide variety of artefacts which are now preserved by the current members of CMHS at Box Cottage Museum . Helen Stanley, Secretary of CMHS, began producing a Newsletter for members in April 2007 to provide current information and well researched items of historical interest


Helen Stanley has produced a bi-monthly Newsletter, 2007 - 2013, for the members of the City of Moorabbin Historical Society that contains well researched interesting historical items, notification of upcoming events, current advice from Royal Australian Historical Society , Museums Australia Victoria and activities of Local Historical Societies. The Newsletter is an important record of the activities of the CMHS.

Physical description

6 x A4 paper printed on 1 side
Issue 25 of the bi-monthly, City of Moorabbin Historical Society Newsletter produced by Society member and Secretary, Mrs Helen Stanley in February 2012. Notice of meeting February 26th, subscriptions are due, reminder to all members to encourage visitors to ‘sign in’, offer all children the ‘Treasure Hunt Quiz’ cards, and to complete the Volunteer Hours Record Book. Members are asked to help on the monthly Roster for Open Days. Unfortunately Jim Dale, President, found a disposable lighter and water bottle and at the working bee members found a ‘bong’, so Glen Eira Property Manager, Amanda Mills was notified. Thankfully there was no damage to our property. As May 2012 will be the 150th Anniversary of ‘The Moorabbin Roads Board’, Ms Elizabeth Triarico, Glen Eira CC History & Heritage , has requested a CD of photos, which has been sent, and Ms Suzanne Snooks, Arts & Culture Manager Kingston CC, invited CMHS to assist with a Celebration of this event. Helen has given a précis of The William Green Family History which has been given to CMHS Library by Ms Denise McAvoy , a descendant

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