Historical information

The newspaper was produced to celebrate the 100th year of the Ballarat Courier.

Physical description

96 page newspaper celebrating 100 years of publishing the Ballarat Courier Newspaper. Stories and images include: Robert Clark, Ballarat history, Sturt Street, Selkirk Bricks, Ballarat Industry, Thomas Bath, Royal Hotel, hotels, Begonia Festival, James Smith, Hollways, Myers, Ballarat Orphanage, Nazareth House, Lake Elsworth, Batches, libraries, Timken, Sunshine Biscuits, M.B. John, AMCAST, reservoirs, Ballarat Council,, Morsheads, Civic Hall, Alfred Hall, Art Gallery, Christies, 3BA, Paddle Bros, South Street, BTV 6, Memorial Theatre, Her Majesty's, Whitelaw-Monier, Coltman, costume, Messer and opie, politics, Dudley Erwin, Bill Stephen, Vance Dickie, Tom Evans, Murray Byrne, McKay - Macleod, Crockers, Ballarat Shire, Sovereign Hill. St Patrick's Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, Ballarat School of Mines, Mt Helen Campus, Ballarat Girls School. Ballarat North Technical School , Burke and Wills Memorial, Joe White Maltings, Ballarat Airport, Sunicrust, architecture, women, trams, transport, Faulls, Franklin Caravans, Olympics, football, history of Sunshine Biscuits