Historical information

This set of pots represents the type of pot or saucepan used on an open range wood fired stove. The pots are heavy and thick, and have a solid lid suitable for slow cooking.


This pot set is currently not associated with a historical event, person or place at this time and is being used to augment Flagstaff's village display.

Physical description

Pots; two cast iron pots with lids. Wooden handles on pots have ring on end for hanging. Pots have inscriptions. The large post has the capacity of 3 quart (3 quarts or 2.84 litres) and the small pot holds a capacity of 2qt (2 quart or 1.89 litres).

Inscriptions & markings

Stamped on large pot "Made in Taiwan" "3qt"
Stamped on small pot "Taiwan" and "Sauce Pan 2qt"