Historical information

In the words of the Donor, Betty Stone, "This walking stick was made by William Dale from wood obtained from his property Bluestone Quarries situated at Wangoom, Warrnambool.

William Dale, the son of William Booth and Hannah (nee Broadbent) Dale was born 8 July 1828 in Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England. He emigrated to Australia in 1852 and seven years later purchased twenty acres of land in the shire of Wangoom, Warrnambool where he operated a quarry known as The Dale Bluestone Quarries.

According to family legend, when William and his wife Elizabeth (nee Chamberlain) first moved into their bluestone cottage on the property, it was surrounded by dense bush which abounded with wildlife.

William Dale used this walking stick in his later years. Although physically bent after years of toil, his grandchildren remembered him wheeling his barrow and walking with his stick around the quarries when aged well over eighty years. William Dale died at his residence on 14 December 1913 aged 85 years."

(Note: For additional information please refer to Betty Stone’s book “Pioneers and Places - A History of three Warrnambool Pioneering Families” ie. Chamberlain, Dale and Lees Families)


This item is associated with families of Chamberlain, Dale and Lees. These families are listed in the "Pioneers' Register" for Warrnambool Township and Shire, 1835-1900, published by A.I.G.S. Warrnambool Branch.

Physical description

Walking Stick, polished wood with grain and knots showing. Brass tip, 'J' shaped handle. Made by William Dale in the early 1900's of wood from his property, "Dale Bluestone Quarries", Wangoom, Warrnambool. From the 'Chamberlain Dale and Lees Collection'.