Historical information

In the words of the donor, Betty Stone, "This Bible, published in London in 1834, is the Chamberlain family Bible which was brought out by Joshua and Susan Chamberlain from Thriplow, Cambridgeshire, England when they migrated with their family to Australia. In the Bible, on page 969, the birth dates of Joshua and Susan's family of two sons and six daughters are recorded on two pages and also on an inserted loose page.
Written by Joshua Chamberlain, the exact time each child was born has been included in each entry. There are also a few other entries and death dates recorded in different handwriting.

Joshua Chamberlain (baptized 24 August 1804 Thriplow) and Susan Ellis {baptized 24 July 1808 lckleton, Cambridgeshire) were married 25 October 1828 at the parish church of St. George or All Saints,Thriplow. Joshua and Susan (nee Ellis) Chamberlain and family left their home in the rural village ofThriplow in October 1854 and arrived in Australia as assisted migrants per SS Shand January 1855.

After Joshua Chamberlain had fulfilled his contract to work on a property at Woodford for a year or so, he purchased a small farm of approximately twenty acres at Wangoom, situated adjacent to the Warrnambool racecourse. Here, the family settled in their cottage with their personal and household possessions, including the family Bible, which they had brought from Thriplow.

Joshua Chamberlain died October 1871; after the death of her husband Susan continued to live in her own home for some years before she eventually moved -with her possessions which of course included this Bible - to her daughter Sarah and son-in-law Lees Lees' home where she died on 13 November 1900 aged 94 years.

(Note: For additional information please refer to Betty Stone’s book “Pioneers and Places - A History of three Warrnambool Pioneering Families” ie. Chamberlain, Dale and Lees Families)


This item is associated with families of Chamberlain, Dale and Lees. These families are listed in the "Pioneers' Register" for Warrnambool Township and Shire, 1835-1900, published by A.I.G.S. Warrnambool Branch.

Physical description

Chamberlain Family Bible, published in 1834. Pg 969 lists family history of Joshua and Susan Chamberlain and family. From the 'Chamberlain, Dale and Lees Collection'

Inscriptions & markings

Chamberlain family records are hand written at Page 969, on two pages plus an inserted page, noting the exact time of birth for each of eight children..