Historical information

In the words of the Donor, Betty Stone, "According to family tradition, this small leather case containing a prayer book and a hymn book was originally owned by Susan (nee Ellis) Chamberlain who brought it with her when the family left Thriplow England in 1854 to come to Australia. Later, Susan passed it on to her granddaughter Ann (nee Lees) Dale who used the little books for some years in 1912,

Ann Dale (my grandmother) gave the case and books to my mother Daisy Elvena Dale. Daisy, aged twelve years at the time, was the youngest child of Ann and Ellis Dale, of Latrigg, Wangoom, Warrnambool.

There is no date of publication but it would be mid-1800's, as it was brought to Australia in 1854 .

The hymn book has a notation - “From Mother to Daisy 1912 Print too small” and is signed by A. Dale. (ie Ann Dale, granddaughter of Susan Chamberlain)"

(Note: For additional information please refer to Betty Stone’s book “Pioneers and Places - A History of three Warrnambool Pioneering Families” ie. Chamberlain, Dale and Lees Families)


This item is associated with families of Chamberlain, Dale and Lees. These families are listed in the "Pioneers' Register" for Warrnambool Township and Shire, 1835-1900, published by A.I.G.S. Warrnambool Branch.

Physical description

Miniature leather case with two books inside - Book of Common Prayer and Hymns Ancient and Modern, Brought to Australia by Susan Chamberlain when she emigrated in 1854. From the 'Chamberlain Dale Lees Collection'. Hand written inscription is inside the cover. One end of the handle has been repaired by sewing it in place.

Inscriptions & markings

Hand written inside the cover is "From Mother to Daisy, 1912 Print too small (signed) A. Dale"