Historical information

This framed sketch details, in graphic form, where the core samples in the display cabinet were removed. The drilling was a precursor to the decision where to locate, in this case, the McKay Creek Power Station. The information gained by structural engineers from the core samples would be used also for the placements of underground tunnels entry and exit points and the overall effective size of the plant. This would have included drill and blast techniques(rock characteristics play an import part of explosion control), requirements for support structures and reinforcing cement/steel forms. The use and replenishment of diamond drill bits(the strongest available, see KVHS 0280) was dependent on the "type" of rock found. Support beams for reinforced ceilings and floors was also a necessity.


The visual derails of where the rock core samples were removed is very significant in the formulation and placement of the underground Power Stations and their maze of tunnels(in and out) for a successful implementation of the Hydro Scheme. The amount of pre-planning and scientific studies required for such a large scheme must be undertaken to ensure that a "white elephant" was not the result.

Physical description

This framed and glass front rock core display sketch has type written information of the rock samples displayed in KVHS 0279 (A). It has a softwood stained and glossed frame with a fixed(nailed) back board and a brass fixture for mounting onto a wall.The paper and type are slighted faded (sunlight affected).

Inscriptions & markings

The sign heading "ROCK CORE SAMPLES RECOVERED FROM DIAMOND DRILLED BORE" underneath this "BORE NO: 883" and below this "LOCATION: McKAY CREEK POWER STATION AREA" to the left a sketch incorporating the ground level point "GROUND LEVEL R.L.3493", and the core depth point "CORE DEPTH 40' 7". In between and representing( in visual form) the core location areain question.