Historical information

In the foreword the Chairman and General Manager, W.H. Connolly, wrote: "Australia's progress since the Second World War has been remarkable - and nowhere more so than in Victoria. Although the smallest pf the mainland States, Victoria is today the most highly industrialised, the second most populous and the most rapidly developing State in the Commonwealth. Many factors have contributed to this growth, bu the one of greatest importance is the vast wealth of easily extractable brown coal in the Latrobe Valley which is the source of Victoria's electricity and a major part of its solid fuel. ... "

Physical description

White and green soft covered book of 34 pages with black & white and coloured illustrations.

The book includes starts with an historical section, and includes information the open cut, Yallourn Power Station, Yallourn Briquette Works, the town, Morwell Open Cut, and includes a map of the Latrobe Valley Brown Coal resources.