Historical information

These Lithographs were made for the printing and Publishing of the Book entitled "The History of Winchelsea Shire" by Cr. W.L Koenig who was commissioned by the Shire of Winchelsea to collate, Document and present the Pre-Colonial and Colonial History of the Barwon District and in particular the Winchelsea Shire for posterity and public education. The Book was published including the photographs represented by these lithographs as illustrations, and remains the foundation of the historical narrative of the area, and the context of this collection. This Lithograph is one of four depicting indigenous artefacts collected and displayed by Cr. Koenig.


Koenigs collection of indigenous artefacts remain as unique in the Surf Coast Shire as a relic of material culture from the district in Pre-Colonial times. These lithographs remain as significant in themselves being the master copy remaining from the publication of Koenig's work. They are aesthetically beautiful as a work of art, and historically (technologically) important in the narrative of printing.

Physical description

Lithograph for printing a Photograph of a collection of indigenous artefacts for publication in the book "History of the Winchelsea SDhire" By Cr. W.L. Koenig.

Inscriptions & markings