Historical information

Builders Number 3354
Build for Inkerman Mill Queensland in 1951
Displayed at the British Industrial Fair at Castle Bromwich, England 1951 prior to delivery to Australia
Weight: 10 Tons
Known at Inkerman mill as "LI'L TOOT"

Major Ernest E. Baguley (1863–1948) was a British engineer.- In the years leading up to the First World War, Baguley served in the Territorial Army and became Second-in-Command, 6th Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment, rising to the rank of Major. He served in France from 1914 to 1915.

Baguley (Engineers) Ltd
After the War there was a decline in the production of road vehicles (probably due to competition from other manufacturers) and an increase in the production of railway equipment. The name of the company was changed from Baguley Cars Ltd to Baguley (Engineers) Ltd on 10 April 1923. Following a dispute with their partners Drewry Cars. Ltd, Baguley (Engineers) Ltd went into decline and entered liquidation in 1931. Most of the plant and effects, including Major Baguley's own Baguley car, were sold at auction on 10 November 1931.

E. E. Baguley Ltd
Major Baguley was a great survivor of WW1 and, he set up a small repair business for Baguley products at Clarence Street, Burton-on-Trent. A new company, E. E. Baguley Ltd, was registered on 30 April 1932 and was soon building locomotives again. In 1934 E. E. Baguley Ltd moved to larger premises at Uxbridge Street, Burton-on-Trent. The company merged with Drewry to form Baguley-Drewry Ltd in 1962.


Historic - Industrial Narrow Gauge Railway Diesel Mechanical Locomotive - Pioneer Sugar Mills - Inkerman Sugar Mill, Home Hill, Queensland, Australia

Physical description

Rail Mine and Plantation (RMP) 0-6-0 Diesel Mechanical 2' Gauge - " LI'L TOOT " Builders Number 3354
Steel (Painted)

Inscriptions & markings

RMP / 3354