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Newspapers and photocopies - Various articles from Tatura and about Tatura from 1897 to 2002.|The Southern Cross 19th Feb 1897|The Age 17th October 1854|Tatura Free Press & Rodney & Deakin Shire Advocate August 4th 1905|Tatura Guardian, Tatura Herald & Kyabram Union February 1st 1901|The Goulburn Valley Yeoman 27th April 1911|The Goulburn Valley Stock & Property Journal 22nd September 1920|The Leader Pictorial Section -Tatura Show- 28th Oct 1939|Weekly Times - Tatura Pictures- 12th December 1931|The Australasian-Tatura Coursing Club Waterloo Cup-25th July 1936|The Leader -Tatura Pictures & Australian Sheep Show with Starritt's- 8th August 1936|Weekly Times - Old Time Ball- 26th August 1959|Shepparton News - Dhurringile Boys Pipe Band- 25th April 1955|Tatura Guardian Press - Floods- 3rd March 1955|Tatura Guardian Press 2nd April 1959|Tatura Guardian Press - photocopy front page-5th July 1951|Tatura Guardian Press 13th Sept 1951|Tatura Guardian Press 13th July 1950|Tatura Guardian Press 10th November 1955|Sun Herald - photocopy extracts re Mrs J LeRoy & Whroo - 1967|Tatura Guardian Press - photocopy 2 pages- 8th September 1960|Tatura Guardian Press - Front page- 4th December 1969|Tatura Guardian Press 21st April 1966|Tatura Guardian Press 10th November 1966|Weekly Times - photocopy Lockwood Family Reunion|Shepparton News - Flood News & Pictures - 17th May 1974|Shepparton News - Flood News & Pictures - 20th May 1974|Shepparton News - Flood News & Pictures - 24th May 1974|Rodney Guardian 24th July 1974|Rodney Guardian 10th April 1974|Rodney Guardian 17th April 1974|Rodney Guardian 19th June 1974|Tatura Free Press Guardian - pages 5 - 16 - 11th October 1977|Tatura Guardian - Front Page , opening of Tatura Primary School - 1st April 1971|The Herald Sun - Woodlands Centenary and Crawford Family photos - 11th June 1971|Tatura Guardian - 2 copies- Rodney Shire Centenary - 17th June 1986|Shepparton News - Rodney Shire Centenary - 17th June 1986|Tatura Guardian - Front & Back Page - 7th January 1985|Tatura Guardian - 14th January 1986, 18th February 1986, 24th October 1986, 13th January 1987, 23rd June 1987, 23rd December 1986, 16th September 1986, 17th June 1986, 23rd January 2001, 30th January 2001, 19th February 2002|Shepparton News - 1 page about John Purdey Rodney Shire Secretary - 24th October 1986|Tatura Guardian - Front & Back Page - 10th March 1987|Tatura Guardian - pages 3 - 18 - 17th March 1987|Tatura Guardian - Front & Back Page - 2nd September 1986|Tatura Guardian - 4 pages - 19th August 1986|Tatura Guardian - Front & Back Page - 14th April 1987|Tatura Guardian - Front & Back Page - 31st August 1984|Tatura Guardian - Front & Back Page - 7th August 1984|Tatura Guardian - Front & Back Page - 14th February 1984|Tatura Guardian - Pages 3 & 4, 13& 14 - 17th May 1983|Tatura Guardian - 2 pages - 2nd July 1985|Shepparton News - Farewell to Rodney Shire Councillor John Gray as mayor - 7th November 1986|Weekly Times - 1 page of Tatura Show pictures - 26th March 1986|Tatura Guardian - Front Page 2nd October 2001|Various photocopies of Tatura papers with obituaries for Mr Peter Mactier, Miss Anne Bridget Hanlon, Mrs Catherine Kennedy, Mrs J.W. Wilson and death of Mrs Doris Simson (nee Vibert)|Rodney Shire