Historical information

Robin Boyd was Exhibit Architect for the Australian Pavilion at Expo 1970 in Osaka Japan.
Robin Boyd most likely saw Solstar at an exhibition of Asher Bilu's work at South Yarra Gallery in September 1968. In the same month, he wrote to Mr Kim Bonython at Bonython Art Gallery in Sydney saying he wanted Solstar to feature in the 'model house' exhibit at Expo 70. In November 1968, Robin Boyd arranged for the loan of this painting from South Yarra Gallery to the Australian Pavillion at Expo 1970. At Expo 70, it hung in the bedroom over a bed, containing a life-size cut-out figure by Bruce Petty, in the Model House Interior exhibit on modern living in the Space Tube.

On its return from Expo, the painting was in transit at the Boyd's home in Walsh Street and they liked it so much that they decided to buy it.

Solstar originally hung on the wall at the end of the galley kitchen. The artwork at the Boyd's home in Walsh St has been moved several times over the years. Solstar now hangs above the dining table, but at the time of Solstar's acquisition, the Boyds hung the painting "Winter Triumphant" (1920) by Penleigh Boyd, Robin Boyd’s father, above the dining table.

In early 2021, Asher and Luba Bilu visited Walsh St to view Solstar again. Asher was extremely happy with how the painting looked and its condition 53 years after painting it. He requested it be hung a little higher and he returned in April to make some minor restorations to remove scratches.

Physical description

Silver mixed media with large black circular area in the central lower half.

Inscriptions & markings

On reverse has the title: Solstar/A. Bilu/Arrow showing which way up. Unsigned on the front.