Historical information

The Ballarat Technical Art School was part of the Ballarat School of Mines

Physical description

.1) Ballarat School of Mines Prospectus A

.2) Ballarat School of Mines Prospectus B

Contents includes teaching staff, school hours, curriculum, fee list, Travelling concessions, school library, classification of subjects. scholarships, Full art and Craft Courses (Industrial Design; Figure, Modelling, Painting and Design; Figure Drawing, Modelling, Painting and Design; Fashion Plate Drawing; Black and White Illustration; Modelling; Wood Carving and Lettering; Art Metal Work; Retouching, colouring, &c; Architectural Diploma; Draughtsmen's Courses; Art Teachers' Courses; Outdoor Sketching Classes; Photography; Building Construction and Architectural Drawing; Ticketwriting; Signwriting and Decorating COurse; Dressmaking, Needlework, etc; Preparatory Technical Classes for Girls; Day Commercial Classes; Other Branches of the School's Activities, examination results; Art Teachers' Certificate.

Includes an image of W.H. Middleton, President of the Ballarat School of Mines; Staff of the Ballarat School of Mines