Historical information

STA 1 Victorian Railways Corporal Trolley Trailer Gauge 2 foot six inch (762mm) Built in 1958 It was originally known as ST 1 and used by the “Schools Section” during the restoration of the Puffing Billy Railway, between 1958 and 1962, for transporting materials to the work site. It was rebuilt and reclassified “STA 1” in the mid 1960s. During a repaint it was given three stripes and is commonly referred to as “Corporal”. Vic Collections No. 000035


Historic - Narrow gauge railway - Trolly trailer Track vehicle - used by Puffing Billy Railway

Physical description

It is a small rectangular wooden trolley trailer that has three diagonal stripes painted down the side of it.

Inscriptions & markings

Has black stripes painted on its side.