Historical information

The Federation University Historical Collection holds a full range of Victoria Education Gazette and Teachers' Aid from 1900-1968.

Physical description

Ten black hard covered volumes with red tape spine, covering 1900 to 1910. The gazettes include Education Department appointments, transfers, resignations and retirements, notices, queries, notices of books, examination papers, original articles, lesson plans, suggestions for lessons, drawing, obituaries, notes on nature study, mathematics, music, sloyd woodwork, English grammar, Victorian State School Swimming Clubs, Geography, penmanship, science, History, Latin, Geography; The School Garden - Shean's Creek

.1) Arbour Day (pg 135)

Images: Melbourne Teachers' College 1888 Building (p.8); Union Jack (p. 80); Gasometer (p. 132)

.2) Plant Life lesson plans, The Antarctic in 1910, Model Nature Lesson - what plants live on , Superannuation Fund, Saluting the Flag, A.N.A. School Children's Competitions, school garden awards, Teacher Training College, Nature Study - A page from a Teacher's Diary, A Mushroom, Mrs Bush's Kindergarten Christmas

Images: Dookie Agricultural College, George R. Button, training college students attending the university, Sloyd teachers, Staff at the Summer School, Outside Wilson Hall, Watt's River Weir, Fungi


Images: Walhalla State School; Francis W. Parker (p. 18); Freearm Drawing- Sale State School (p.71)


Images: Map of Australia (p.33); Formalin lamps for disinfecting rooms (p. 80); Melbourne Teachers Training College (p. 167)

.6) Werribee Gorge Supplement (p. 3, 4, 11, 12, 13)

.7) First Exhibition of Women's Work (p. 7, 73-76)


Images: Franco-British Exhibition; Memorial to William H. Nichols (p. 191)

.9) Temperance Teaching; Birds native to Australia (p.4)

Images: Royal Agricultural Show State Schools Exhibit (p. 5-18); Leonard's Hill School; Visit of the American Fleet

.10) Funeral of Edward VII

Images: Portsea Quarantine Station (p. 33-35)