Historical information

The making of cordials and aerated waters was an important industry in Warrnambool from the time of the first settlement up to the 1980s. John Fletcher succeeded John Davis in Koroit Street in 1885 and manufactured aerated waters, soda, lithia, tonic waters, lemonade, ginger ale, hop beer, hop bitters, sarsparilla and cordials. He sold to Ralph Reeves in 1930 and the business continued until the 1908s under the name of Reeves.


Warrnambool cordial bottles are of considerable significance as examples of an important local industry now gone. The Fletcher business was a well-known business in Warrnambool for 45 years.

Physical description

This is a small size plain glass bottle manufactured for liquids sold commercially.

Inscriptions & markings

On side of bottle ‘John Fletcher Warrnambool’ ‘Trade Mark’ with incision of symbol showing a crown with a Maltese Cross and three fleurs-de-lys. Near the base of the bottle is the wording ‘This bottle is the property of John Fletcher Warrnambool & cannot be legally used by others’. On base: ‘M 942, M, A.G.M.’