Physical description

Ten black hard covered volumes with red tape spine, covering 1921 to 1930. The gazettes include Education Department appointments, transfers, resignations and retirements, vacancies, notices, queries, notices of books, examination papers, original articles, lesson plans, suggestions for lessons, drawing, obituaries, notes on nature study, mathematics, music, sloyd woodwork, English grammar, Victorian State School Swimming Clubs, Geography, penmanship, science, History, Latin, Geography, The School Garden, horticulture, singing, World War One; ANZAC Day, lifesaving, Astronomy, Empire Day, ANZAC Buffet London, Victorian Education Department's War Relief Fund

.1) 1928. Articles include: New Caledonia, Swimming and Lifesaving, School forestry, a visit to the pyramids, The Great Barrier Reef, retirement of Frank Tate, Stawell High School, Report on Some Aspects of Education in the United States, Jubilee Education Exhibition , New School Readers; measured Drawing

Images include: Macarthur Street School's Plantation, Maryborough School Plantation, Pinus Insignis (Radiata) ready for Milling, Creswick State Forest, Metalwork, Daylesford Pine Plantation four years old, Henry Harvey (art Inspector); Omeo School Endowment Plantation; Frank Tate; Stawell High School Drawings From Casts; Lake Tyers School Endowment Plantation, measured drawing, Thomas H. Stuart, GEorge Swinburne. J.R. Tantham-Fryer, Cookery Class, John Edward Thomas

.6) Thomas H. Trengrove and the Villers Bretonneux School hall and pilaster carvings

.7)1925 . Includes: School Forestry, horticulture, J.H. Betheras retirement, Ivanhoe School, Coburg School, Moorabool Junior Technical School, Villers Bretonneux School hall and pilaster carvings.

Images include Ballarat High School Pine Plantation, Vale Park, Francis Ormond, Woking Men's College (RMIT), W.N. Kernot, A Stand of Corsican Pines at Creswick, Victoria