Historical information

The Victoria Education Gazette and Teachers' Aid was published for Victoria's teachers and was sent to all school on the state.

In 1920 The Ballarat School of Mines had donated 136 pounds 14 shillings and 10 pence to the Victorian Education Department's War Relief Account, and the Ballarat Junior Technical School had donated 10 pounds 6 shillings and 10 pence.

Physical description

Ten black hard covered volumes with red tape spine, covering 1921 to 1930. The gazettes include Education Department appointments, transfers, resignations and retirements, vacancies, notices, queries, notices of books, examination papers, original articles, lesson plans, suggestions for lessons, drawing, obituaries, notes on nature study, mathematics, music, sloyd woodwork, English grammar, Victorian State School Swimming Clubs, Geography, penmanship, science, History, Latin, Geography, The School Garden, horticulture, singing, World War One; ANZAC Day, lifesaving, Astronomy, Empire Day, ANZAC Buffet London, Victorian Education Department's War Relief Fund

.1) 1928. Articles include: New Caledonia, Swimming and Lifesaving, School forestry, a visit to the pyramids, Exploration of Gippsland, paul de Strezelecki, Angus McMillan, Villers Bretonneux Memorial School, American Black Walnut, Red Gum, Messmate Stringybark, The Great Barrier Reef, retirement of Frank Tate, Stawell High School, Report on Some Aspects of Education in the United States, Jubilee Education Exhibition , New School Readers; measured Drawing

Images include: Macarthur Street School's Plantation, Maryborough School Plantation, Pinus Insignis (Radiata) ready for Milling, Creswick State Forest, Metalwork, Daylesford Pine Plantation four years old, Henry Harvey (art Inspector); Omeo School Endowment Plantation; Frank Tate; Stawell High School Drawings From Casts; Lake Tyers School Endowment Plantation, measured drawing, Thomas H. Stuart, GEorge Swinburne. J.R. Tantham-Fryer, Cookery Class, John Edward Thomas.

.3) War Savings Stampsm Swimming and Life-saving, Teh Rural School System of Victoria, Imaginative Composition, ANZAC Day, Retardation, Teh Bright Child Hudson Hard Obituary, Leeches, Relief for Distress in Europe, Dental, Teachers' Library, History of Portarlington, J.E. Stevens Obituary, Victorian Teachers in England

Images: Swimming and Life-Saving Medallion

.3) Swimming and Lifesaving, Bronze medallion, Victoria Leage of Victori, War Savings Stamps, Rural School Sytem of Victoria,

.4) War Relief, Talbot Colony for Epileptics Masonmeadows, Discipline New and Old (Percy Samson), Soldier teachers, Preservation of Australian Birds, Arbor Day, Jubilee of Free Education, Teaching Geography, Poery in Schools, School Committees, Shelter Pavilion, Mysia Memorial School, Clovers, Jubilee Exhibition, Domestic Arts, Louis Pasteur,

.5) Victoria League of Victoria, An Endowment Scheme (Pine Plantations), School Endowment Plantations, Protecting our trees by Owen Jones,. Victorian State Schools Horticultural Society, Sloyd Woodwork, School Forestry, Thomas Brodribb Obituary and portrait, Imperial Education Conference London, school Management and Method, School plantations, Eucalypt plantations in the Bendix and Heathcote District, Junior Red Cross, Jubilee Education Exhibition, Gould League Competitions, handwriting, The School Magazine, Frank Tate in London, Victorian beetles, Council of Public Education, Villers Bretonneux and its new School, Death of Samuel Summons, Woodwork Summer School, Swimming, Japanese Relief Fund, Retirement of John Cross, reminiscences of the Late Mr Albert Mattingley

.6) Thomas H. Trengrove and the Villers Bretonneux School hall and pilaster carvings, forestry, visit of Maryborough teachers to Ballarat Water Reserves, noxious weeds, relief for Distressed Europe, The Dalton Plan, Empire Day, Retirement of Mr Fussell, Centenary of Hume and Hovell Expedition, League of Kindness, Effective Nature Study in a Rural School, Some Facts About Paper and their Bearing Upon School Plantations, Council of the Working Men's College Melbourne, Maria Montessori, University Vacation School, Horticulture in State Schools, An Informal Chat About French Schools (C.R. McRae), The Vacation School, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Inspector's Report on a 5th-class School, Can Children Write Verse, John Adams, Victoria League of Victoria, R.F. Toutcher, Sir James Barbie's Address to High-School Girls, Impressions of a High School Teacher Abroad (R.D. Collman), The Spirit of the School Plantation Scheme, Monument of the Late Mr and Mrs A.T. Sharp at Box Hill Cemetery, The Teaching of Geography, The Treatment of Poetry in Class, Two Difficult Arithmetic Lessons, Location of Principal Australian Timbers, Dr John Smyth, Stammering and its Influence on Education, Wireless Broadcasting as an Educational Medium, Boys School at Villers Brettonneux, The New School at Villers Brettonneux, Bird Day, Messmate or Stringybark, What Every Woman Knows, Director's Report on Denmark

.7)1925 . Includes: School Forestry, horticulture, J.H. Betheras retirement, Ivanhoe School, Coburg School, Moorabool Junior Technical School, Villers Bretonneux School hall and pilaster carvings, Francis Ormond, William Charles Kernot, Corsican Pnes at Creswick, Ballarat High School Plantation, Workin Men's College, RMIT, Naorrow LEafed Peppermint, Education and World Peace, Eucalypts of Victoria, John C. Eccles, Blue Gum. Manners, Giving the Poorly Nourished Boy A Chance, Native Ferns, Marybourough Technical School, Memorial School at Villers-Brettonneux

.8) Experimental Plots in Country Schools (W.W. Gay), Villers Bretonneaux and its Memorial School. nominated classes for Art Teachers, The Teachers Act 1925, Horsham High School, Richmond Technical School, Farewell to Messrs C.R. Long and Ponsonby Carew-Smyth, Frank Tate, Phyiscal Training, Arbor Day, ANZAC Day, Shakespeare Day,Bendigo Junior Techncial School, Musical Appreciation, Motor Dental Unit, School Camps, Education Act of 1872: Mr Angus McKay's Part (George Mackay), A Bush Fire Experience (Irene Stable), Black Sunday, Californian Red Pine, Women's Education in America, Farewell to Lord and Lady Stradbroke, Grevilia Robusta, Silky Oak, Redwood, John E. Grant, The Need for Research (Donald Clark), Junior Drama, Ida D. Marshall, John Pounds, Australian Books, Fish Creek School, State Boundaries, History in the Curriculum, Ceramic Art in Australia (Percy E. Everett), Choice of School Songs, Tasmanian Beech, Should History be Taught on a National or an International Basis, Hydatid Disease, James Holland Obituary, Florrie Hodges, Queensland Maple, Post Bushfire Ruins at Fumina, Arbor Day at Fumina, Queensland Rosewood, Omeo Endowment Plantation, Bird Day, Junior Red Cross, Pioneers' Day, Edward Henty, Junior Technical Schools, Yellow Pine, History and Progress of Needlework, A.B.C. of Astronomy, Northumberland Mental tests, Queensland Red Cedar, Teh Globe Theatre,

.9) 1927 includes The ABC of Astronomy, Atr Theatre, English Beech, Angus McMillan Art Pottery, School Singing, State Schools' Nursery, School endowment plantations, Making a Man, experimental proof of Charles's Law, John Smyth obituary and portrait, Linton Pine Planation, motivation of arithmetic, Women's Classes at Dookie, Swimming and Lifesaving, Pioneers Day, Drawing, Ballarat High School planation, biting fly, Tir-Na-N'og, John Byatt retirement and portrait, Technical Schools Conference at Daylesford, Ethel Osborne and portrait, library. Francis Thompson portrait, Adam Lindsay Gordon, Solar movement, motor transport, Liverpool Cathedral, Teh Story of the Cathedral, Bendigo School of Mines, Omeo School pine plantation, Egypt and the Nile, Self-Criticism

Images include Ballarat High School Pine Plantation, Vale Park, Francis Ormond, Woking Men's College (RMIT), W.N. Kernot, A Stand of Corsican Pines at Creswick, Victoria

.10) Some Remarks on the Relationship of the technical Schools to the University (Donald Clark) , Present Day Education in England , Memorial to Joseph Cornwall, Spelling, motivation, Singing, State Scholarships, Agriculture, T.W. Bothroyd, The Swimmer - A Summer School Sketch (H.H. Croll), Swimming woodwork, Farewell to Dr Sutton. ,Drowning, War Savings Movement, White Beech. George S. Browne , Example of School Honor Book, Blackwood, Optimistic teacher, Soldier settlement around Shapparton, Oral Hygiene, Cinema Machines, Basketball, Wakter M. Camble obituary, ANZAC day Pilgrimage in England, Froebel's System, Montessori Method, War Relief Fund, New Zealand Kauri Tree, Bat Tenis at a Bush School., Advice to Australian Girls, Chrysanthemums, Royal Visit, National Parks of Victoria, Maurice Copland Obituary, total eclipse of the Moon, School libraries, The teacher and the COmmunity (A.M. Barry), The Reading Lesson, Swimming and Life-saving, MElbourne Teachers' College War Memorial Windows Old Trainees War Memorial, Cultivating a Natinoal Art