Physical description

The Wurrung Wurrung Kit is designed to introduce students at all levels to the heritage of Aboriginal languages within the area now known as Victoria. The kit aims to: Create awareness of Victorian Aboriginal languages in the past and present. The kit is not designed for the teaching of languages, Develop students' understanding of the relationship between the languages and culture of Victorian Indigenous people, or Koories, Create awareness of the importance of language to indigenous communities today and to foster respect for these communities and their languages, Highlight the diversity within Aboriginal Victoria and Australia in terms of languages and culture, Provide resources for students and teachers that can be used either as a window into Aboriginal culture generally, or to complement a broader unit of work in indigenous studies. Resources for teachers
Purpose of this kit
Using this kit
Facts about Aboriginal languages in Victoria
Language and Aboriginal culture
Revitalizatoin of Aboriginal languages
Language Alive in the community
Community protocols
Understanding the Language Map
VELS and Curriculum links
Teaching Framework
Resources and contacts
Activities for students
Animal names
Colouring in
Code breaker
What do yo know?
Sounds, spellings and symbols
Different things, different words
Koorie Garden
Story of Victorian Languages
Language on the Mission
Role Play
Traditional Owners
Placenames Graffiti Wall

Inscriptions & markings

maps, b&w photographs, b&w illustrations, colour illustrations, games, references