Physical description

This book is devoted to the contact history of a hunting and gathering people where they themselves tell the stories in their own languages. Presented as transcriptions of the original stories in Language in facsimile with introductions, gloss and translations by the transcribers.
Contains stories by B. Kerwin, R. Moses, H.P. Kulambunt. B. Roberts, M.M. Irinjili D. Harris, J.S. Karntin, C.G. Wurramarrba, Barrengwa, B. Murray, W. Clegg, S. Day, T. Ejai, A. Baranga, I. Joshua, B. Clarmont and C. Omeenyo, H. Goetz, A. Coulthard, J. Boxer; (Lalarin), B.A. Sommer, J. Jack, E. Kennedy, L.J. Kyngayari, V. Lingiari, J.C. Maliwanga and J. Flinders, separately annotated.

Inscriptions & markings

maps, b&w photographs, word lists