Physical description

7 Volume Set of Books with alphabetically listed words, their meanings and extensive additional information with illustrations both coloured and black and white interspersed throughout - cloth bound. Vol 1: A - Carnelian p1-632 plus Introduction at front p i-iviv (Roman numerals) Vol 2: Carnival - Druse p633-1304 Vol 3: Dry - Hark p1305-1976 Vol 4: Harken - Male p1977-2648 Vol 5: Male - Polder p2649-3320 Vol 6: Pole - Snag p3321-3992 Vol 7: Snail - Zymolic p3993-4664 incuding list of prefixes

Inscriptions & markings

No title on outside of volumes and pages missing from the front of all volumes so no indication of publishing details.