Physical description

.1) Goggles, black plastic frame, foam padding, black strap. Brand name Oakley.
.2) Camouflage paint in plastic container, hinged lid with mirror inside. 3 divided sections with dark green, light green & brown used paint.
.3) Patch, square, at top - yellow, middle - white above blue, bottom - bright light green.
.4) Foot powder in dark green plastic container, twist lid with holes.
.5) Container, dark green plastic cylinder, 11 matches, assorted.
.6) Container lid, snap on, for .5).
.7) Tube of army personal insect repellent. Dark green plastic tube with screw top lid, unnumbered. Instructions & warnings printed on back of tube.
.8) Metal signalling plate, Polished steel signalling plate with small hole in center. Instructions printed on one side.
.9) Vinyl sleeve for signalling plate, green.
Dole K

Inscriptions & markings

.1) Written on foam in black texta: DOLEY.
.2) Austcam NSN 6850-36-130-0172. Military Sunscreen DDM↑ 0598.
.4) Foot Powder, Colbar Pty Ltd, 50g net, B/C 5-98, Formula Salicylic Acid 3%, Starch 10%, Talc 87%.
.7) NSN 6840-66-106-0247.