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Ganger's - Trolly Turntable

From the Collection of Puffing Billy Railway School Rd Menzies Creek Victoria

Ganger's Trolly Turntable made of wood with wrought iron fittings
Length Overall: 7' 1/16" ( 2135 mm) Width: 2' 10 1/16" ( 865 mm ) Height: 0' 4 5/16" ( 110 mm )
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puffing billy, ganger's trolley turntable, trolley, trolly
Historical information
Ganger's Trolly Turntable

When a railway gangers trolly was working between railway stations, occasionally it was required for the line to be clear for trains to operate. Many trollys were too heavy to physically lift off the track, so a turntable was needed. These were provided at designated locations, and in some cases the trolly had a turntable on board.

The turntable would be placed on the rails and the trolley driven onto it. The turntable would then be rotated 90 degrees by human power and the trolley pushed off on to a prepared set of rails on the side of the line.

The turntable would then be removed from the track allowing trains to run through that section. The gang could then get on with the work required near that location.
Historic - Railway Permanent Way and Works - track equipment - Ganger's Trolly Turntable
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