Historical information

Access to a pre-school education is an important to childhood development and Princess Elizabeth Kindergarten provided this to children who were hard of hearing.


These documents form an insight into the development of the Princess Elizabeth Kindergarten.

Physical description

Plain A4 cardboard with tape spine encloses documents up to foolscap in size relating to the Princess Elizabeth Kindergarten for the Deaf (PEKD). Includes general correspondence from the Education Department from 1957 to 1971, the Education Department taking over responsibility for teaching staff at PEKD in 1957, having assumed reponsibility for the education of students at the VDDI. There are documents relating to the meetings of the PEKD sub-committee from 1969-1972, documents relating to the building extensions 1972-1973.

Inscriptions & markings

On spine, typed: "1957 / 1971/EDUCATION DEPARTMENT/1969 / 1972 P.E.K.D. Sub-Committee/1972 / 1973 P.E.K.D. BUILDING EXTENSIONS/1972 P.E.K.D. EXTENSIONS