Historical information

The festival parade was held at 11.00 am on Saturday, 10 November 1990, commencing in Youth Road (behind Elfham Railway Station} and Diamond Street. As per tradition, the Shire of Eltham Historical Society entered a float in the parade but for the first time combined with the Diamond Valley Arts Society to produce the float. The theme of the parade was ''Spring into Summer". In accordance with this theme the Society's float depicted artists on a spring painting excursion. Part of the group was "Walter Withers" painting a landscape. There was also another artist painting a portrait of a girl in a spring costume. Joh Ebeli was responsible for preparation of the float. The float won the prize for the best display.

Physical description

Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 4 strips

Inscriptions & markings

Kodak Gold 100-2 5095