Historical information

The Captain Cook bicentenary was commemorated in Australia in 1970. The British explorer Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook sailed and charted the East Coast of Australia in 1770, and claimed the Eastern Seabord of the Continent for the British Crown. This is not considered the official bicentenary of Australia, but rather the mapping of the Eastern coastline


Like many other towns around Eastern Australia, Yackandandah celebrated the bi centenary with a street parade, enjoyed by residents of surrounding areas including the Kiewa Valley

Physical description

3 black and white photographs mounted on buff card. Photographs taken at Captain Cook bi-centenary parade and celebrations in Yackandandah on April 4th 1970 1. Float depicting Captain Cook and sailors aboard the H. M. Endeavour 2. Local children on horseback possible representing the pony club. 3. Group of spectators standing outside the post office. One unidentified person dressed as a golliwog

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten in black ink above photo 1 "Capt. Cook Bi Centenary. Yack. 4 April 1970 (last number of date unclear) No marking on other photos